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Blogging Websites

How to write a blog post

Step 1:

  • Think about your topic.
    • What is your topic?
    • How can you grab the reader's attention?
    • What is the main takeaway message?

structure of a blog post

Step 2:

  • Who is your audience? 
    • Students/faculty/other researchers
    • Experts/non-experts

Step 3: 

  • Consider length and language
    • Each post should be readable in a couple of minutes
    • Language should be easy to digest, even for non-experts

Step 4: 

  • Think about content
    • Use a mix of relevant graphics and text

Step 5: 

  • Writing
    • Start with an outline of keywords
    • Write in the first person and use active voice
    • Don't "dumb down" your research but explain it clearly and concisely
    • Include references where appropriate

Step 6: 

  • Think of an engaging title

Step 7: 

  • Publish and promote!

Design Resources

Add images and infographics to your blog from these websites:

Parts of this libguide were adapted from How to write a great blog post on your research topic?  A brief guide in 9 steps by Simon A. Peth.

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