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MAT0018 Additional resources - Oliver: Why study math?

Additional resources that may prove useful to MAT0018 Developmental I math students

Why study Math?

Common Question:   When am I ever going to use this?

  • Math skills opens doors to productive futures.                                                      
    Employers are looking for three basic traits

1.Employees need to be able to reason

2. Employees need to work with technical equipment

3. Employees need to communicate with other employees


   Learning math develops skills with each of these traits.

  • Studying math improves problem-solving and reasoning skills.
    • Gather all details surrounding a problem
    • Decide what is superfluous
    • Helps to identify sound and concrete solutions
    • Carry out the most important strategy to solve the problem.
NOTE: A small segment of the workforce actually do mathematics, but most will be called upon to reason mathematically.

  • Students can use math learning to develop “lifelong learning” skills
    • Asking others for help
    • Looking up information
    • Learning to focus deeply on tasks.
    • Being organized
    • Checking over your work

  • Mathematics helps students become mature thinkers
    •  It furthers decision making skills
    •  Trains them to think deeply
    •  Builds new and stronger brain circuitry

NOTE: If students cannot distinguish between good and faulty reasoning, they are vulnerable to manipulation and to making poor decisions

                                                Weight lifting for the brain


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