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CCJ 3024 - Survey of Criminal Justice System - Professor Oberg: Searching Criminal Justice Index Periodicals

Video Tutorial: Criminal Justice Periodicals Index (Proquest)

Criminal Justice Periodicals Index (Proquest) covers a wide variety of criminal justice topics, including corrections administration, law enforcement, social work, industrial security, drug rehabilitation, and criminal and family law. Full-text and image coverage for about 50 journals.

Searching with Criminal Justice Index Periodical

Criminal Justice Index Periodical

  1. Enter Keywords
  2. Choose search Options:         Full Text, Peer Reviewed

Open article by clicking title.  Tools section is available above the article, citation button available.

Citing within Criminal Justice Periodicals Index

While viewing an article, Click on “Cite” button on right side of screen and select APA citation.

You can Copy and Paste an article to yourself.  Choose Citation Format: APA

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