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EDF 1250 - Introduction to Classroom Management, Prof. Woolery: Smartthinking & Hoonuit

Professor Woolery

Contacting Your Librarian

SmartThinking-Online Tutoring

All Polk State students have access to online tutoring through SmartThinking.  Students access SmarThinking Online Tutoring Services via the Canvas Course Navigation Menu located on the left side of the screen.

smarthinking canvas

There are several different options for tutoring within SmartThinking.  You can submit your papers to be reviewed by a tutor, chat live with a tutor, schedule a meeting for a future date, or ask a question for a tutor to answer as soon as possible.  

Many subjects areas are offered, not just help with writing assignments.  Examples include: Chemistry, Biology, Spanish, Liberal Arts Math, Algebra, Anatomy & Physiology, Statistics, Accounting, and more!

What is Hoonuit?

Excellent question.  Simply think of Hoonuit (formerly known as Atomic Learning) as a Youtube for Higher education.  This means videos on APA Research paper format tutorials, Creating Reference page tutorials, software workshops, etc.

To access Atomic Learning:

  1. Log into Passport
  2. Select Hoonuit from Quick Links on the left
  3. Enter keywords to search for videos

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