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Get Involved

This page goes over how to volunteer with the United Way of Central Florida, which serves Polk county. 

To volunteer with the United Way of Central Florida, click on "Get Involved" on the main United Way of Central Florida page. If you are interested in donating to United Way, click on "Donate," which is directly underneath "Get Involved." 

When you click "Get Involved," click "Volunteer" on the next page. 

The main Volunteer page is the best resource to go to for volunteer opportunities with the United Way of Central Florida because you can scroll through volunteer opportunities, get connected to help with disaster recovery in Polk and Hardee counties, and you can even check out the volunteer calendar for opportunities coming up in your area. 

To sign up for a volunteer opportunity, go to "Volunteer Opportunities" and click on a food pantry event that you are interested in volunteering for. When you find and select one, scroll down to determine if they are currently in need of more volunteers. Events seeking volunteers will have the time slot available for viewing, the location of the event, and the status will say "Available." Click "Register for this Opportunity" to sign up to be a volunteer for that event. 


You are now officially volunteering for the United Way of Central Florida! 



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