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The Patrimoine (artistic and cultural heritage) of France: Marseille - Film Comedies

Marseilles, the second largest city in France, has a unique artistic and cultural heritage. Founded in 600 BC by the Greeks from Phocaea, this gritty, working class city is the front door to Provence, and the capitol of French Hip-Hop.

Marseille - 2016

In this 2016 film, at the insistence of his brother, who who he has not seen in 25 years, Paolo (Kad Merad) returns to Marseille, under the impression that his father is dying. On arrival, he finds his father is not dying, although he is suffering from a concussion, which has affected his memory.  In his efforts to help his father reclaim his memory, Paolo discovers what he forgot, the importance of family, and the joys of Marseille.


Honore de Marseille - 1956

The 1956 film, Honore de Marseille, is a vehicle for the French comedy actor, Fernandel, who plays the title role.   Fernandel is the epitome, or perhaps the stereotype of an Marseillais.  Through song, and comedy, he tells the history of his ancestors, who founded Marseille, invented Petanque (during a Roman siege), and and were the first to taste Bouillabaisse.  And of course, it is all in Technicolor.


Taxi - 1998



Marius and Jeannette -1998



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