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The Patrimoine (artistic and cultural heritage) of France: Marseille - Coming to Age Films

Marseilles, the second largest city in France, has a unique artistic and cultural heritage. Founded in 600 BC by the Greeks from Phocaea, this gritty, working class city is the front door to Provence, and the capitol of French Hip-Hop.


In this 1995 film, two Arab brothers leave Paris to live with relatives in Marseille after a tragic fire which left their other brother dead.   One brother becomes involved with the local drug scene, and the other finds himself the target of anti-Arab racism from people who he thought of as friends. Finally, the brothers leave Marseille to find security in each others company.   

Corniche Kennedy

This 2016 film, set, in Marseille tells the story of a group of young people who jump off the cliffs near Corniche Kennedy in Marseille.  There are many  other references to geographic locations in or near Marseille: Les Aygalades, Cassis, Plan d'Auo, et Les baumettes, for example.  The love triangle in this film evokes an earlier French film, Francois Truffaut's Jules et Jim.  The copy of this film, in region 2 format, is available at the Polk State library in Lakeland.

Lila Says

In Lila Says (2004), A young Arabic teenager with a gift for writing and story telling meets Lila, a teenaged Polish immigrant , who speaks like a sexual provocateur; but in reality proves to be a scared young girl, much more innocent than her language indicates. This story is filmed beautifully in the Arab quarter of Marseille.   

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