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The Patrimoine (artistic and cultural heritage) of France: Marseille - Crime Films and Videos

Marseilles, the second largest city in France, has a unique artistic and cultural heritage. Founded in 600 BC by the Greeks from Phocaea, this gritty, working class city is the front door to Provence, and the capitol of French Hip-Hop.

French Crime Films and Vidoes

Borsalino and Co.

This 1974 film, directed by Jacques Deray, and starring Alain Delon,  is set in the thirties.  Many scenes were filmed in Marseille It pits Gangsters against a corrupt, fascist Mayor, who dies a grisly death!  In the film,the vintage cars are exceptional.  A DVD of the film is available at the Polk State, Lakeland Library.  Note, it is in zone 2 format (France), and the sub-titles are in French. 


The French Connection

This 1971 film won many Academy Awards, including best picture.  The plot involves the police chasing a crime kingpin, who is in the business of smuggling heroin.   It is filmed on the gritty streets of Marseille, and the gritty streets of New York.   In the end, the only winner is the kingpin, who was never caught, and disappears, never to be heard from again.   Look for a meeting of the kingpin and his associates at Chateau d'If.


La French (The Connection)

La French tackles themes similar to those in The French Connection, that is to say, the police struggle against a Marseille based drug cartel during the 1970's.   This 2014 film, directed by Cedric Jimenez, stars Jean Dujardin.  It is available to view through Amazon's Prime service, under its English title, The Connection. (English Sub-titles).





Marseille (2016- )is a French television series created by Dan Franck, and starring Gerand Depardieu. The series is the first French original production for Netflix, which tells a tale of political corruption, with incredible exterior and interior scenes from Marseille.


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