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The Patrimoine (artistic and cultural heritage) of France: Polk State Students in France

Marseilles, the second largest city in France, has a unique artistic and cultural heritage. Founded in 600 BC by the Greeks from Phocaea, this gritty, working class city is the front door to Provence, and the capitol of French Hip-Hop.


Students in Versailles - 2016

Students in Marseille - 2016

Students - 0n boat in Marseille Harbor

Sketching Calanques near Marseille

Amid the Roman ruins in Marseille

Students approaching Chateau D'If by boat

Students on the steps of the Basilica, Notre Dame de la Garde, Marseille

Sketching the Colosseum at Arles

Sketching Marseille at dusk 2016

Students visiting an artist's studio

Paris - Students with Eiffel Tour in background 2016

A visit to the Louvre - 2016

Students at Versaille - 2016

Visiting Arles 2016

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