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This research guide will explain how to find and cite library materials appropriate for your informative research paper assignment.

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Recommended MLA Resource

Contacting Your Instructor

Professor:  Bryan Rivers


Informative Research Paper Instructions

Research paper for ENC 1101:  Rivers

Your informative research paper is to be 5-6 pages of text. You will turn in a rough draft (for consultation) one week before the final draft is due. Consult your syllabus for the due dates. 

It should include the following:

  • A brief formal outline.
  • The research paper itself, which includes parenthetical referencing for each source.
  • A works cited page with at least five sources. A minimum of four sources must be from the Polk State library databases. 

Any paper that doesn’t meet the above minimum standards will receive an F on sight.


Your paper is to be done in MLA style. It must be double-spaced with one-inch margins and the font must be Times New Roman 12 font size. See the sample research paper in Handbook for Writers: Chapter 26 section G (at the library reference desk) or the web site OWL (Purdue). Again, this is an informative paper, so you may not support any position.


You are responsible for meeting with me to have your topic and thesis statement approved. If you don’t have a topic and thesis approved by the due date mentioned in class, I’ll assign a mandatory topic or you may choose one from the suggested topics.


As discussed, you are responsible for understanding what does and does not constitute plagiarism. You are required to submit your paper to the dropbox for this class. (If you need assistance with this, go to


Scroll down to Technical Resources and click turnitin. The percentage shown as a match doesn’t indicate how much is plagiarized- only what matches other submissions. You must then check the highlighted areas. Plagiarism to any extent will result in your paper receiving an F (0%). The drop box submission is for plagiarism check only. You must also submit a hard copy of your paper in class on the date listed in the syllabus to get any credit.

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