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NUR 4638C - Individual, Family, & Population Health: Searching with CINAHL & OVID

During your Individual, Family, & Population Health course, you will research Evidence-based, culturally sensitive strategies to Nursing. This library guide will provide you with quick information, tips, videos & examples to aid you during this process.

Ovid Nursing & Cinahl Complete

This is a database tutorial for both Ovid Nursing & Cinahl Complete.

Searching CINAHL

CINAHL Complete

  1. Enter Keywords
  2. Choose search Options: Full Text, Peer Reviewed, Evidence-Based Practice

Open article.  If PDF Full Text, click on left side of screen.

Citing within CINAHL

  1. Click on “Cite” button on right side of screen and highlight APA citation.
  2. You can email an article to yourself.  Choose Citation Format: APA.  It will include the APA citation within your email and provide a link to the article. 

Searching Ovid

Ovid Nursing Database

  1. Enter terms (Feel free to use Natural Language = A question, An article title, or Keywords)
  2. Try checking "Include Related Terms" to add synonyms to increase search results.

Hint: All articles found in OVID are Peer Reviewed. If you need to know if an article is Evidence-Based Practices, try reading about the journal via the supplied link located within the article's details page.

Citing within Ovid

  1. To cite, select checkboxes for each article you want cited.
  2. Then click Print, & select the style you need (APA, etc.).
  3. Copy & Paste your citations (Always double-check with a style guide).


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