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How to Improve Your Study Habits: Home


Welcome to the official LibGuide for study tips! If you would like tips on how to develop stronger study habits and skills, browse through the tabs above. Although we do not get this question very often, we are always happy to share our own tips on how students can be the best students they can be.

Some Basic Study Tips 

  • Use highlighters and pens 
  • Take breaks regularly
  • Make flashcards and go through them a couple of times a day to retain the information in your memory
  • Do not cram the night before a big test
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Utilize your professor's office hours, tutors, the Writing Studio, and librarians if you are struggling. We all want to help you succeed! 
  • Form study groups or study with friends
  • Treat yourself when you finish a major paper and turn in an exam

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