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LIT 1000 - Introduction to Literature, Prof. Brown Research Companion: TLCC Tutoring & Infobase Learning Cloud

Greetings students! This Lib Guide is designed to be a research companion for Professor Brown's Introduction to Literature course.

TLCC Tutoring Online

The TLCCs offer peer and professional tutors in a wide variety of subjects and in several modalities. Tutoring is offered both face to face and online. For online tutoring, students can easily access the various tutoring options by clicking on TLCC tutoring online from any Canvas courses. Once enrolled in TLCC Tutoring Online, students can get assistance from a writing tutor. 


The Writing Studio


The Polk State Writing Studio allows students to work with Polk State English Faculty to develop writing skills. There are grammar, research and writing concept modules you can work through, & even earn a certificate for compleiting.

Additionally, there is a Self-Check for Grammar and Plagiarism option (TurnItIn report) for students to use as an aid in improving their writing.

All you need to do to use The Polk State Writing Studio, is enroll in the course via Canvas & access it from your Canvas dashboard.

What is Infobase Learning Cloud?

Excellent question.  Simply think of Hoonuit (formerly known as Atomic Learning) as a Youtube for Higher education.  This means videos on APA or MLA Research paper format tutorials, Creating Reference page tutorials, software workshops, etc.

To access Atomic Learning:

  1. Log into Passport
  2. Select Infobase Learning Cloud from Quick Links on the left
  3. Enter keywords to search for videos

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