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BSN Program: Logging In

Information for students in and about the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program

The tabs below will provide instructions for logging into various Polk State College resources.


Having trouble logging in?

Students: Try resetting your Passport pin, sending an email to, or calling the Help Desk at 863.292.3652 or extension 5111.

Staff/Faculty: Try resetting your Polk institutional email account password or calling the Help Desk at 863.292.3652 or extension 5111.


Choose Staff Login or Student Login

Students, use your Passport information - student ID number and Passport PIN (default is the two-digit month and two-digit year of your birth. It needs to be a 4-to-6-digit number).

passport login

The login is the full email address. For example,

The initial password is the Student ID (with the letter capitalized), then @Polk.

 Example: C12345678@Polk



For assistance, students should contact the Information Desk at 863.297.1000.

Note:  if you enrolled prior to August 2022, your default password is your student ID# with the first letter capitalized (E21000000).

Student must first login to their Student Email Account. The same password will then be used for the Student email account and Canvas.

NOTE: The student must first logon to their student email and reset their password before they will be able to login  to Canvas.

Canvas Login: Student Email Address

Canvas Password:  same as the one used to logon to their Student Email Account.

Students, for assistance please contact Chris Amato at 863.298.6876.


If you are a non-credit student and do not have a student email, please use this login:


If you are faculty, please use this log in and use your Polk State College email login and password:

For Canvas help, call 1-844-880-9814

get help

Tips for Troubleshooting Logging In:

  • Clear your browser's cache and cookies 
  • Try to login through an Incognito or InPrivate window
  • Restart your browser
  • Restart your computer
  • Check your firewall settings

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