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EEC 3404 - Relations Across Family, School, and Community: Critical Task Resources

Critical Task Assignment: Research Project

Teacher candidates will use Florida demographic data and data-informed research to create a digital project (i.e., PowerPoint, Prezi) to explain how race, ethnicity, language, poverty, culture, and special needs affect student learning. In the project, candidates will compare two Florida student population groups represented in local classrooms, describe population characteristics, report student achievement data for reading and math (state and district data), and present findings from a literature review of education research related to the selected populations. Topics for the literature review should include impact of race, ethnicity, language, poverty, culture, and special needs on learning and effective research-based practices for reading instruction. The Research Project will be presented for peer review during class and uploaded to Chalk & Wire for evaluation by the instructor. 

Data Resources

Polk County (Office of Economic and Demographic Research)

Polk County U.S. Census 2015

2016 FL Standards Assessment data

Polk County School Board data

Florida Department of Education-ESE

FL Diagnostic and Learning Resource System (FDLRS)


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Literature Review

Recommended library databases:

Suggested search terms: race, ethnicity, language, poverty, culture, special needs, student learning, academic achievement, academic success, socioeconomic status, reading instruction, elementary education, early childhood, reading comprehension

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