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Learning Resources Advisory Committee: Committee Members

This guide contains the minutes for the Learning Resources Advisory Committee

Learning Resources Advisory Committee Purpose

The Learning Resources Advisory Committee is charged with reviewing learning resources policies and procedures; making suggestions to the learning resources staff for improvement; providing input regarding student, staff and faculty resource and service needs; and serving as learning resources contacts for their departments or areas of interest.

LRAC - Current Committee Members

Membership Positions:

Term Expiration:

Director of Learning Resources-LK & Co-Chair

Courtlann Thomas

Director of Learning Resources-WH & Co-Chair

Chris Fullerton

10 Faculty/Program Representatives (5 from each campus):


Tiffany Messerschmidt

August 2024


Mike Malone

August 2022

          Natural Science

Natalie Whitcomb

August 2023

          Social Sciences

Kenrick Pierre

August 2024


Victor Cosculluela

August 2022

          Health Sciences

Angela Choquette

August 2023

          Non-Health AS Program

Amy Rutledge

August 2023


Milton Huling

August 2023

          Baccalaureate Programs


August 2024

          Charter High School

Dawn Dell

August 2023

Library Representative

Beth Pendry

August 2022

TLCC Representative

Kelly Roberts

August 2023

Career Representative

Ryan Criss

August 2024

Student Representatives (One from LK & One from WH)

Rachel Cortez

August 2022

Bri Sutton

August 2022

President’s Staff Representative: Interim Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Workforce Development

Julie Alexander

Resource Members:

Dean of Academic Affairs-LK

David Sutton 

Dean of Academic Affairs-WH

April Robinson

WH Library & TLCC Admin Assistant

Profile Photo
Kayla Wyman
999 Ave H, NE
Winter Haven, FL 33881
Station #12- WH Library
863-297-1010 ext. 5310

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