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Google and Google Scholar: Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine for academic journal articles. It can be a convenient way to do a quick search on a topic. However, there is no peer reviewed limit when searching Google Scholar. If you find an article and want to make sure it is peer reviewed, check the journal's website (usually that information is on the About page) or Ask a Librarian!

Before searching, it is a good idea to set Adding Full Text @ Polk in Google Scholar. This will let you access the material subscribed to by Polk State Library

Lastly, searching Google Scholar is only one point along the entire process of searching.  It will not show all articles on a particular topic. It is always a good idea to search multiple places, such as the Library Catalog and the Databases. Having trouble choosing a database? Use the "All Subjects" dropdown to help narrow your selection and find a database that contains the information you are seeking. 

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar: Adding Full Text @ Polk

When searching Google Scholar, it is possible to link to Polk State Libraries to be able to access resources available through the library. This guide will go over how to set this up. Once set up, Full Text @ Polk can be accessed on or off campus.

Start here:

Click on the three links (the hamburger symbol) in the upper leftàClick on Settings

Click on Library Linksàtype in Polk StateàClick searchàSelect Polk State College—Full Text @ PolkàClick Save

Now, go back to  and search

Note the difference when it is not used and when using Full Text @ Polk . . .

Without using Full Text @ Polk only a couple articles from this search are accessible:

With using Full Text @ Polk now all four of these articles are accessible


Questions? Use Ask a Librarian for assistance.

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