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Literature: Searching for Themes, Works, and Authors: Works

Searching for Works

Start Here: Gale: Literature

From the Advanced Search click on Browse Topics



Select Works from the dropdown on the left. Browse works. Search by name of work: Where it says "Filter by name" you can search for the name of a work


Start Here: Bloom's Literature

In Bloom’s Literature, click Browse and then click on Works



From here, you can go to All Works to search for the name of a work. Ignore beginning articles, starting with the main word. For example, in this search for "The Stranger,"  I only type Stranger.



In the work's page, you can see different focuses (e.g. reference, criticism, character list, images, and videos) for that work. You can also use the Narrow Results on the right to further refine as you browse the page.



From within an entry, you can click on Share to get the permalink. Also, the Citation option to get the automatically-generated citation (make sure to check this for accuracy). On the right, under Record Information, is where that source comes from and when it was published.

Lastly, you can click on a Tags to further refine your search or find related results.



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