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Welcome to the library guide for research topics related to nature and nurture.  Below you will find suggested books/ebooks and recommended databases. If you need help, click the link for Ask a Librarian.

Nature and Nurture

"[Nature] may be referred to as the genes that are pre-wired and influences the innate characters irrespective of [an individual's] place of birth. Nurture, on the other hand, is related to the learned aspects of nature, i.e., influences of exposures of the surrounding environment directly or indirectly on the behavior of an individual" (Introduction section, para. 2). 

Srivastava, S., Gautam, K., Kumar, S., & Singh, P. (2020). Nature versus nurture. In Vonk, J., Shackelford, T. (Eds.) Encyclopedia of animal cognition and behavior. Springer Nature. 


Searching Tips

Searching Tips

Remember to the read any guidelines for your assignment before searching and finding sources. Make sure any articles used match the criteria set by your professor.

Consider the following:

  • Does your source need to be current?
  • Do articles need to be from a peer-reviewed journal?
  • Do you have to have certain types of sources (e.g. ebooks or articles)?
  • Is there minimum or maximum number of sources you need to use?

All these questions can usually be answered by reading your assignment guidelines. If there are specifications (e.g. the articles need to be from peer-reviewed journals) it is a good idea to select those limits when searching.

Suggested Search Words

nature AND nurture

"nature vs. nurture"

"nature or nurture"

(genes OR genetics) AND environment

To find more results, try combining synonymous terms with OR, for example:

(genes OR genetics OR nature) AND (nurture OR environment) 

To compare the nuances between search words, try searching just one word/phrase and then another.  For example, search nature AND nurture  Then, search (genes OR genetics) AND environment. How are the results different? 

Look at your results to find additional words to add to your search. Experiment with different combinations.



Recommended Databases

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