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Chloe Warner

WFA 113

297-1000 ex5276

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LIT1000 Research Paper on the Short Story
Professor Warner




Write a research paper analyzing one or two elements of fiction as it applies to a short story we have read this term.  The elements of fiction are plot, character, setting, point of view, style, tone and language, symbol, allegory, myth and theme (for elements of fiction, see p. 195 - 96 in the text).  For example, analyze theme and symbolism in "The Lottery."  Use a least 4 outside sources to help prove your points.  Also use actual lines from the work to prove your points.  For an example of a research paper on a short story, see pp. 129 - 134 in your text.

Use MLA documentation

Include a title page, outline, paper, Works Cited page and Xeroxed copies of all research articles used in the paper.

Staple all sources to the paper - highlight the parts of the Xeroxed original sources you use.  Put the page and paragraph number in the margin. 

Minimum of 4 pages

Plagiarism = grade of 0

This paper counts as 10% of your grade


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