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How to Research for All the Light We Cannot See


Welcome to the LibGuide for Professor Murphy's All the Light We Cannot See assignment.
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Possible Topics

IMPORTANT: These are broad Topics; you should choose only one aspect of the Topic to focus on. You must narrow down the topic into a writing selection suitable for a 5 paragraph, 500-750 word Classification and Division essay (i.e., THREE GROUPS).

  • Nazis in France in WWII
  • Nazi propaganda during WWII
  • French Resistance (or French Underground) in WWII
  • Geography and/or History of St. Malo, France
  • Role of Radios in WWII
  • Role of American Airplanes in WWII
  • How Vision Impairment Works
  • Famous People who are Visually Challenged
  • Hitler Youth
  • Coded messages
  • Orphanages during/after WWII
  • Invasion of Paris
  • Being a German citizen during WWII
  • Instances of humanism during WWII
  • Medical advancements during WWII
  • New military strategies/weapons during WWII
  • Spies during WWII
  • Famous heroes of WWII
  • Important battles of WWII
  • Critique of book All the Light We Cannot See- Advanced topic—more challenging—requires professor’s approval.

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