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ENC1101 Gaspary: Research Project Checklist

Current Issues Research Guide

Research Project Checklist

Research Project Checklist

Research Project Checklist  

 Your paper is/has: 

  • The appropriate length (3-5 pages) 

  • A title page (not numbered)—MLA-style, see p 635 in handbook 

  • An updated Works Cited page, paginated with your paper 

  • An annotated bibliography, numbered after your Works Cited Page 

MLA format: 

  • Every line is double-spaced 

  • No extra spaces between paragraphs 

  • Name and page number in upper right corner of all pages except title page—including Works Cited 

  • Margins are the correct size 

  • Paper is left aligned—not justified 

  • 12 point Times New Roman or Calibri font is used  


  • Works Cited references and in-text references correlate 100% 

  • Each body paragraph contains at least one in-text reference 

  • Long quotes—more than 4 lines—are handled correctly (see handbook 461) 

  • Indirect quotes, quotes within quotes, are handled and cited correctly (see handbook 598, #15 ) 

  • Works Cited page is in alphabetical order 

  • Works Cited entries use hanging indents 

  • In-text citations include page number with print sources and PDF’s 

  • Parenthetical citations contain no comma between word(s) and p # 

  • Works Cited PAGE is numbered sequentially with the rest of the paper 

  •  Works Cited ENTRIES are NOT numbered 


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