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CCJ 3024 - Survey of Criminal Justice System - Sgt. Shea: Writing Help

TLCC Writing Tutors

Submit a paper to get feedback from a Writing Tutor.

•The tutor will address specific questions, as well as provide general feedback/suggestions about areas of the paper that need work; they will not proofread the paper. The tutor will review sections of the paper and make suggestions and notes, then encourage the student to apply those details to the rest of the paper and continue to review and edit.

•If the student would like a private conference to discuss a paper with the Writing Tutor, they can indicate so in the comments. The student can turn on notifications in order to receive an alert when the Writing Tutor invites them to the conference. The schedule of Writing Tutors is available here.

The link below will allow students to enroll directly into the TLCC Online Tutoring course and begin interacting with the tutors.

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