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Evaluating Online Information and Resources: Example #3 - Tricky Stuff

Stop City-Funded Internet

Stop City-Funded Internet

The "Stop City-Funded Internet" story was an interesting case of a cleverly hidden agenda in a seemingly public interest focused site. Would you have been able to sniff out the truth behind this site? What else do you think you could be missing in sites and news you see everyday? While the site is now gone, the fine folks at provide access to the past.


Fidelity Communications Response:

Going Down the Rabbit Hole...

How far and how thorough a job of searching, researching and fact checking you do depends on your level of interest, level of need, and of course, how much time you have. 

How far do you need to go?

Maybe we don't need to go this far everytime, but we do need to know that this type of deception is out there and constantly changing and growing along with all information. 

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