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How to College Companion Guide: Home

This guide is made to accompany first year seminar students reading How to College by Andrea Brenner & Lara Schwartz

Welcome SLS1122 Students!

This guide is intended to be a companion for the First Year Seminar common read text, How to College. When we read, we learn new things. When we read together, we learn things not just about the book, but also about each other. When we all get "On The Same Page", we make better collaborators, problem solvers, and people in general. We understand our world a little bit better by seeing it from a different point of view. We become a community of engaged, educated, and empathetic individuals. We Think. We share. We grow. 

How to College


How can students find friends, advisors, and other folks to support them as they transition from dependence at home to independence in college? What people, information, and resources are available and what’s the best way to learn about and use them? We discuss the topic of building a support network with Andrea Malkin Brenner, Creator of Talking College Cards.

Reviews & Acclaim for How to College

"How to College provides parents and students with the prompts to engage in critical conversations regarding their transition to college life. It will open a door for topics that can be difficult to navigate and provide context for typical situations first year students encounter. Its a great supplement to the resources your college will provide and can prepare you to ask the right questions to get the answers you need to set you on a path for success." —Rachel A. Beech, Ed.D., Assistant Vice President, Admissions and Student Recruitment, California State University, San Bernardino

"The transition to college can be a confusing and overwhelming experience for students and their families. This valuable book strives to both minimize that stress and provide a path for students and their families to follow. Written in a practical, straightforward manner, Brenner and Schwartz share their wisdom and experience in a way that brings clarity to the processes and highlights the skills and behaviors that students need to know. Further, they highlight how to find and access support systems, and how to care for yourself in this new environment. This is an important guide to help students and their families get ready and be successful in college." —Craig Elliott, PhD, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services and Assistant Professor, Samuel Merritt University

"Builds a critical foundation for how to adult. Beyond its academic success models, this exemplar resource embeds core tenets that teach our students how to become productive, contributing, and compassionate adults. Rather than simply receiving education, students learn how to create an optimal college experience, through focus on academic achievement, wellness, mentorship, social support, and clarity of purpose. With its contemporary attention to the cultural and social worlds of today’s college students, this expansive guidebook gives promise for tomorrow’s global citizens." —Jennifer Fish, PhD, Professor & Chair, Women's Studies Old Dominion University

"Invaluable...The perfect guidebook for high school seniors to prepare for college, and to use as a reference throughout the first year. Whether you’re confident or terrified at the prospect of the transition to college, How to College contains nuggets of wisdom and important reminders that will help you navigate this life milestone. A truly comprehensive book for the rising college student." —Katherine Reynolds Lewis, author of The Good News About Bad Behavior: Why Kids Are Less Disciplined Than Eve—And What to Do About It

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