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How to College Companion Guide: How to College: Quiz

This guide is made to accompany first year seminar students reading How to College by Andrea Brenner & Lara Schwartz

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"How To College"

Are your 100% ready "to College" this semester?

Getting and staying engaged in your education is important, especially during the first semester when you are acclimating to college. Are you ready to be awesome? 

Take this quick (and very unscientific) survey and see if you are 100% ready for action. Just add up the points from your answers and then double the total to get your score. This is for you, so be honest with yourself. : )

What if you are not "100%" right now? Don’t worry! This is why you are taking SLS1122 and reading, researching, and doing the activities included in this class! Come back at the end of the term and see how much you have improved!

How to College Quiz

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