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NUR 1020C - Professor Harto: Searching CINAHL & Ovid

This guide is a Library instruction companion for NUR 1020C.

Ovid Nursing & Cinahl Complete

This is a database tutorial for both Ovid Nursing & Cinahl Complete.

Searching CINAHL


  1. Enter Keywords
  2. Choose search Options:         Full Text, Peer Reviewed, Evidence-Based Practice

Open article.  If PDF Full Text, click on left side of screen.

Searching Ovid

  1. Enter Keywords
  2. Choose search Options: Full Text, Evidence-based Healthcare 
    Note: (All Ovid articles are peer reviewed)

Citing with CINAHL

Click on “Cite” button on right side of screen and highlight APA citation.

You can e-mail an article to yourself.  Choose Citation Format: APA.  It will include the APA citation within your email and provide a link to the article. 

Citing with Ovid

  1. Check article(s) you want to cite.
  2. You can e-mail, Print (Display on screen) an article to yourself. Choose Citation Style: APA  

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