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EDF 1250 - Introduction to Classroom Management, Prof. Woolery: Research

Professor Woolery

The Research Paper

Your research paper will require you to study the characteristics of an effective teacher. The library has multiple databases that would be ideal for this topic. On this page you will find database tutorials for Films on Demand, ERIC & JSTOR. For additional help with databases, feel free to visit or contact the library.

Keywords: Effective Teacher, Teacher Characteristics, Classroom Techniques

Films on Demand Database Tutorial

Films on Demand offers streaming video English collection including: 49 titles on writing & composition, 20 titles on grammar & much more.

ERIC database tutorial

ERIC contains a wealth of research articles from over 1000 academic journals with an educational scope. 

JSTOR database tutorial

JSTOR contains issues of core journals in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Over 700 titles are available.

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