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AMERICAN LIKE ME: About the Author: My Identity is My Superpower!

American Like Me by America Ferrera

My Identity is My Superpower!

"Who we see thriving in the world teaches us how to see ourselves, how to think about our own value, how to dream about our future."

Is "Shape Shifting" a Super Power?

Shape-Shifting – Limits and Advantages

America, in the text’s introduction, describes how she learned to become a shape-shifter.

Think about:

  • Any ways in which you have ‘shifted your shape’ to assimilate to the college environment.
  • How has shifting your shape provided you an advantage?
  • As you enter the workforce, what adjustments do you anticipate making to ensure your ‘shape’ fits in the business sector?

What part(s) of your ‘shape’ are you unwilling to shift for the sake of assimilation?

On page 35, Bambadjan states, “But deep down I was a fraud, desperately trying to be someone I wasn’t … “. Research the term ‘imposter syndrome’ and describe how this belief pattern might impact first generation students as they transition to the business arena.

My Identity is My Superpower! Discussion Questions

1. America's first audition was an eye-opening event in her life. The casting director wanted her to "sound more Latina." What did he mean? What does that say about the expected portrayal of Latin American women? 

2. Did America start out thinking her ethnicity was an obstacle?

3. What was the importance of not seeing herself in media?

4. What was so special about "Ana" from "Real Women have Curves"  - Why do you think it was it so successful? 

5. Why doesn't America want the system to change for her? What does she want?

6. What would America tell her nine-year-old self? What would you tell your nine-year-old self? Do you think telling your nine-year-old self would be enough?

7. Who/what did you watch or listen to when you were young? What was the "connection" you made with them?

8. America is an actress of Honduran decent. She notes that Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan was inspired by the show "Ugly Betty" an American Sit Com - what was the bond? 

9. What can we do to increase the viability of the voices of minorities - all people - in films, literature, news, songs...?

10. What would you like to see that is missing in today's films, literature, news, songs...?

Who is your favorite Super Hero?

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