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ENC - Professor H.D. Childree: Editorials

Finding Editorials

What are the characteristics of an editorial?

  • Author is a member of the newspaper's editorial board.
    • Not to be confused with letters to the editor which are written by community members.
    • Represents the newspaper's opinion on an issue.
  • Is a critique or perspective of an issue/topic.
  • Are meant to influence public opinion or encourage people to take action.
  • Can be found under Opinion or Editorial section of newspaper.

Two newspapers with well known Editorial sections are The New York Times and The Washington Post. Click the links below to be taken to the Editorial section where you can browse the latest editorials on a variety of topics.

The New York Times

The Washington Post

Suggested Databases

To find information to support your argument, check out the following Library databases. 

Click the links below to be taken directly to the databases. 


General databases-cover a wide range of topics that are not limited to a specific subject.

Academic OneFile  
Academic Search Complete


Subject-specific databases-are more focused than general databases and are useful for doing in depth research on a topic.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context (Gale)

Information and opinions on today's hottest social issues

America's News (Newsbank)

Latest news from local and national sources 

Education Source (EBSCO) For topics such as standardized testing, school violence, student loan debt, etc...
Criminal Justice (ProQuest) For law enforcement topics such as racial profiling, police brutality, gun control, body cameras, etc...
Applied Science and Technology (EBSCO)

For topics such as net neutrality, surveillance, Apple, Android, online privacy, piracy, etc...


Click the following link to be taken to the alphabetical listing of all Polk State Library databases: A-Z databases


Ask a Librarian


girl reading the newspaper

Image: Girl reading The Washington Post on Monday, July 21st 1969 stating 'The Eagle Has Landed. Two Men Walk on the Moon'. Photographer: Jack Weir. Source: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain.

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