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Searching in the CINAHL database: Publications: Browse Journals

Browse Journals in CINAHL Complete database

Did you know CINAHL Complete database contains 550 full-text journals, with 412 of these being peer-reviewed?   Browsing journals is a great way see what articles are being published, to help choose a topic to research, or simply to learn more about a subject within nursing. Click on Journals to browse. 

Underneath each journal title it will say if CINAHL Complete has only the Bibliographic Record (the citation and abstract information only) and/or if it has the full text. Click on the title for Publication Details. 

In the Publication Details it is possible to "Search within this publication" which searches within that journal only, browse the different issues/articles for that journal, and check if it is peer-reviewed. Clicking on Share in the upper right lets you sign up for email alerts and save the permalink to the page. 

Enjoy browsing the literature! 

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