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Searching in the CINAHL database: Searching in the CINAHL database

Overview: Please Read this First

The example below shows how CINAHL Complete database  can be used to construct a search for a clinical question. Let's say I am interested in research on wound care and preventing pressure ulcers. This gives me two different ideas to search, which I want to combine: 

  • "wound care" OR "wound healing" OR "wound management" 
  • "pressure ulcers" OR "bed sores"

I need to be in the Advanced Search because I read this example's assignment guidelines, and I know I need to find articles that meet the following criteria:

  • Full Text
  • Peer Reviewed
  • Nothing older than 5 years
  • One of the authors needs to be a nurse

Searching in the CINAHL Database

To begin, I add in my search terms:


And then I scroll down and add any limits required by my assignment guidelines


Now, it is time to Search!


The best way to learn this or any database is to try different term and see what articles you find. Happy searching! 


Finding the Permalink in CINAHL

When searching in databases, it is important to look for and save the permalink.  The link at the top of the browser will not work. 

How to save the search criteria

After searching, to save the search criteria, go to the right and click on Share-->Use Permalink. Note: It updates the search each time so this is a good way to save the search but not individual articles. 

How to save individual articles

To save individual articles, click on the article title. Then go to the right where it says Tools and save the Permalink. There are other useful options in this section, too, such as citation and email. If you do decide to email yourself an article, make sure you have received it before closing your browser. 

It is always a good idea to save articles in multiple places (e.g. download the article to your computer, email it to yourself, print it out)

CINAHL Databases: Basic Searching Tutorial

Note: It is suggested that you do not save items to the folder because that is temporary (unless you create a separate account with EBSCOhost) and the database may timeout. Instead, save the permalink to the articles (click on the title of the article and the permalink can be found under the Tool section). 

CINAHL Databases: Advanced Searching Tutorial


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