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Searching in the CINAHL database: Quick Lesson

Quick Lesson

Need an overview of a disease or a condition?  CINAHL Complete database has Quick Lessons designed for nursing care on various diseases or conditions that provide the description/etiology, facts and figures, risk factors, signs and symptoms/clinical presentation, assessment, treatment goals, food for thought, red flags, and what do I need to tell the patient/patient's family. 

Click on the title of the disease/condition that you are interested in

To the left is the HTML Full Text. To the right is the Tools menu, which provides an option to email this quick lesson, obtain the automatically-generated citation information, and get the permalink to go back to this page.

After clicking on the HTML Full Text, there will be a content menu on the left. Click on a particular content area to jump down to that section. 

Questions? Use the Ask a Librarian for assistance. 

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