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embedded librarian

Embedded Librarian

At Polk State College, we strive to provide equivalent and innovative services to our distance learning students. The concept of embedded librarianship simply refers to maintaining an online presence in our course management system (Canvas) so that we may serve students at their point of need. 


  • "Ask the Librarian" discussion board
  • Instructional research videos and tutorials placed within course content
  • ACRL Framework mapped information literacy interactive tutorials
  • Students have direct email/chat access to eLearning Librarian
  • Library resources tailored to specific course assignments

How can the embedded librarian help my students?

We can help your students with the following:

  • help narrow topics and brainstorm ideas for research
  • identify keywords and search terms for a topic
  • help students find credible sources and peer reviewed articles
  • provide information about the library's databases, ebooks and other services
  • provide information about citations
  • answer questions about the library or research process

Faculty are free to customize the content and duration of embedded librarian involvement.

Embedding a librarian within Canvas will enhance student engagement, improve student performance, and result in students who are better prepared for research in their future courses.  


FAQ on Adding an Embedded Librarian in Canvas

What is an embedded librarian?

An embedded librarian is adding a Polk State College librarian to your course in Canvas so students can know who to reach out to for research assistance.

What does the embedded librarian do?

We email your students and you and introduce ourselves as a resource for them to reach out to when researching for your class. We serve as a contact person to help your students with research. 

What is the benefit of embedding a librarian?

It helps with communication. We can see the assignment guidelines and because we know the details, we can help students find quality sources. Using an embedded librarian can result in your students easily obtaining higher quality resources and having less stress during the research process because they know who they can contact for research questions. 

Will the librarian change my course?

No, we do not alter the course design. When you add us to Canvas, we are added in the librarian role. 

What is the librarian's role?

The librarian role in Canvas allows us to:

  • View the students in your class, but not their grades
  • Connect with your students via email or discussion post
  • View your assignments and modules so we can best assist your students
  • Add useful content where necessary—for example a module or page on citations or assignment-specific research
  • Set up web conferences with your students through Big Blue Button

If you have more questions about how we can support your course, please reach out.

May I embed a librarian in all my courses?

Yes! There is no limit to the number of courses we can be embedded in.

How to embed a librarian in Canvas.

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