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Learning Resources for Faculty: Library Instruction

Instruction Options

Library instruction can take place in the instruction lab in the library or in your classroom. 

Library instruction sessions are most efficient when tailored to a specific research assignment.  We can focus on topics such as searching the library catalog and databases, evaluating sources, citation information, and more.

Reach out to us through these forms:

Winter Haven Faculty Library Instruction Request Form

Lakeland Faculty Library Instruction Request Form

A librarian will design a custom instruction session for your course. 

Please allow at least 2 business days prior to your requested session.

Librarians are available to provide synchronous online instruction to your classes. Instruction can be provided via Big Blue Button or Zoom and can be either a general overview of library resources or tailored to a specific assignment, as requested.

To request instruction from a librarian, please contact us through these forms:

Winter Haven Faculty Library Instruction Request Form

Lakeland Faculty Library Instruction Request Form

Please allow at least 2 business days prior to your requested session.

big blue button sample

Librarians can create screen recordings and/or videos of specific activities and library resources tailored to your class or assignment.

Screen recordings/videos will be hosted on YouTube for closed captioning purposes.

To request asynchronous instruction from a librarian, please contact us through these forms: 

Winter Haven Faculty Library Instruction Request Form

Lakeland Faculty Library Instruction Request Form

Please allow at least 2 business days for a librarian to complete a screen recording/video.

(new videos coming soon)


An embedded librarian provides 'just in time' support for students in their online course environment. Students have direct messaging access to the librarian via the Canvas Inbox.

Embedded librarians can:

  • Provide students with personalized research assistance
  • Collaborate with faculty to create and deliver specialized virtual library orientations
  • Assist students with citation issues
  • Create libguides that meet the specific needs of your course or assignments


How to embed a librarian in Canvas:

1. Go to “People” in the Course Navigation area.

people button

2. Click on the +People button.

3. Add the email address of the librarian you'd like to embed, set the role as Librarian, then click the next button. This has to be done for each section. For a list of librarians, click on Contact Us

4. On the next screen, click “Add Users.”

5. You're all set!

The library has created a self-guided student library orientation located in Canvas.  The orientation includes information such as using your library account, locations, and contact info, how to access ebooks and databases, research basics, and MLA, APA, and Chicago Style citation basics. 

Students can access the orientation by clicking the Ask a Librarian link included in all Canvas courses.

The library has created several standalone modules (located in Canvas Commons) that can be imported directly into your Canvas courses. The modules are discipline-specific, but a more general Library Research Basics module is also available.

Current modules

  • Library Research Basics 
    • this would be good for those new to college-level research
  • English Library Guide 
  • Literature Library Guide 
  • Nursing Library Guide 
  • Criminal Justice Library Guide 
  • Psychology Library Guide 
  • Business Library Guide
  • Science Library Guide 
  • Education Library Guide 
  • Airside Library Guide 


Instructions for adding the modules: 

Log into Canvas and navigate to Canvas Commons. 

canvas commons

In the search box, type the name of the module you are looking for (see above). Make sure it is one from Polk State College.  You can also search Polk State College to see all that is shared throughout the college.

canvas commons search

canvas commons modules


Click on the module. On the next screen, click the Import/Download button and then choose which course you would like to import the module into. 

import download

A custom library module can also be created for your course. Please contact a librarian for assistance.  

In addition to utilizing the guides we have already created, you may also request to have a LibGuide created for your course, or for a specific assignment to assist your students with their research needs.

lit1000 sample

With LibWizard, we can create interactive, self-paced tutorials on a variety of topics. The tutorials can be focused on general library skills such as finding eBooks or citing sources as well as more specific assignment or research-related topics. Below is a sample LibWizard on finding eBooks. 


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