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Bye Bye Aleph & Mango, Hello Alma & Primo: Home

Welcome to Alma

This guide is meant to be a one stop easy to find site for everything related to our next gen ILS implementation of Alma and Primo VE. Instead of having to search trough emails and bookmark various sites, we can all just go to our LibGuides page and search for Alma to find everything we should need to know about Alma and Primo VE at any given moment.

Going forward, this tab will contain quick reference links and new information for 2021!  

Have a general question or comment? Found an error in Alma? Want to suggest a chage to be made in Primo? Add it to our shared document in PIE: 

For info that's soooooo 2020, check out the 2020 Alma Primo Archive Tab above.

The other Alma Libguide for TLCC, staff & faculty:


Where It's At (June 16th-July 13th)

Until go live we will only have access to the generic Alma sandbox environments from 2020. 

*How may I access these sandbox environments?

Links and login information for the sandbox environments can be found on the "Play Zones" tab of our training checklist in PIE:  

*If work at one of the other 39 institutions and want access to the sandbox environments, please contact the ILS coordinator at your institution or email me at


Icon of instructor pointing at a board    Got training? 

Oh yeah we do! Smiling emoji

Training Checklist:

Tabs are listed alphabetically by first initial.

Alma PLAY ZONES are on the 1st tab & Workshops Completed is the 2nd tab.

The Reference Section

Alma Glossary - Translates Aleph lingo into Alma lingo

Alma Role Profiles - Staff User Roles as of Jan 2021

Migration Data Prep Suggestions - Includes comments from Ex Libris

Note: All important meeting recordings and slides are on the "FALSC &/or Ex Libris Presentations" tab  in the Next Gen ILS Implementation Box.


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Next Gen ILS Implementation

Welcome to your one stop shop for our Alma and Primo VE implementation.

Earth shattering revelations and important to-do's will live on this tab. For a more thorough update see the Good to Know box below this one.

Meme of smiling retro woman - To Do List: 1. Procrastinate 2. Panic

June 2021 To-Do's:

  • Wheeee! Only 2 weeks left to test & configure EVERYTHING!
  • Play in Alma & Primo VE! Figure it out how to do "it" now, BEFORE June 15th.
  • June 10th (noon meeting) - Got a question, error, suggestion? Last chance to hash it out with the team!
  • June 14th - Last day to make any configuration changes. These settings will remain at go live.
  • June 15th - @6PM Alma/Primo test instances no longer available.
  • June 28th - All automated processes in Aleph cease - except circ.
  • July 2nd - Aleph patron loads cease.

May 2021 To-Do's:

  • We're at the top of the rollercoaster - hold on to your hats!
  • May 1st - UBorrow Requests & renewals stopped.
  • May 7th - Primo webinar with Ex Libris.
  • May 28th AM - Tech Services Freeze - Use new Aleph passwords; ALL individual Aleph logins will be invalid. 
  • Spring Workshops- Complete & retake any needed workshops.
  • Got a question? Found an error in Alma/Primo? Suggestion for Primo? Add it to our sheet in PIE: 


April 2021 To-Do's:

  • Spring Workshops- Complete any remaining workshops. Repeats are now allowed for those that want MORE. 
  • Play in Alma & Primo VE! Time to go crazy & try to break it!


March 2021 To-Do's:

  • Breathe in the good air, breathe out the bad. In with the good....
  • Spring Workshops- View the intro session (& others if you wish) from Week 2 on the "Workshop Recordings" tab above.
  • Play in Primo! Newspaper Search was turned on this week by FALSC. Play with it & decide if you like it. 

February 2021 To-Do's:

  • Complete Alma Essentials OR the NEW Alma Essentials by Valentines Day Week: 2/15/21 - 2/19/21.
  • Attend/review 2/4/21 FALSC Spring Workshops Informational Webinar:
  • 2/9 - Full 40 test load meeting for local implementation team - see email from 2/5 from SS for new link.  
  • 2/10/21-2/17/21 - Test your access to our instance of Alma using SSO.
  • Look for potential migration errors in Alma. 

January 2021 To-Do's:

  • Play a bit in Alma Essentials. The goal is to have this completed by the end of February.
  • Review FALSC's eresources webinar or at least skim the slides (Links in December notes & "The Reference Section" box).
  • Accept the calendar invite (sent 1/22/21) for the FALSC Spring Workshops Informational Webinar on 2/4/21 at 9AM. 

Project Presentations

Below is a list of recordings for all major meetings and/or presentations related to the ILS Implementation Project. Many of these sessions were open and available to all library staff and cover topics that touch on all aspects of the project. Click on the corresponding link to view the presentation. Slides and other information may also be available.


  Event Presenter Date Link Related Info.
  Vanguard Kickoff Meeting Ex Libris July 9, 2020 Recording  
  Vanguard Primo VE First Look Ex Libris September 18, 2020 Recording Slides
  Full Forty Kickoff Meeting Ex Libris November, 10, 2020 Recording Slides
  Primo VE Configuration Form Review Ex Libris December 1, 2020 Recording
(no longer available)
  eResources in Alma/Primo VE FALSC Staff December 9, 2020 Recording Slides
  Leganto Demonstration Ex Libris February 2, 2021 Recording  
  Alma Spring Workshops Informational Webinar Training Working Group February 4, 2021 Recording Slides
  E-Resources Clean Up 856 Fields Cat/Authorities WG February 4, 2021 Recording Slides
  Alma Full Forty Testload Release Ex Libris February 9, 2021 Recording Slides
  Alma Data Review Workshop FALSC Staff February 12, 2021 Recording Slides
  Full Forty Primo VE First Look Ex Libris February 16, 2021 Recording Slides
  eResources in Alma (Statewide eresources in the NZ, Linking parameters) FALSC Staff February 19, 2021 Recording Slides
  eResources in Alma (Finding "e" content, Display Logic rules, Autoholdings) FALSC Staff February 26, 2021 Recording Slides
  Primo VE - Overview of Features (General and Links Menu) FALSC Staff March 5, 2021 Recording Slides
  Primo VE - Overview of Features (Discovery Admin Session) FALSC Staff March 5, 2021 Recording Slides 
  Alma Analytics Workshop Ex Libris March 9, 2021 Recording Slides
  Primo VE - Overview of Features 2 (Releases, Brief Results, & Facets) FALSC Staff March 12, 2021 Recording Slides
  eResources (FLVC Optimizing Alma Activations for the Central Discover Index (CDI) Ex Libris March 16, 2021 N/A Slides
  eResources Office Hours (PubMed, Google Scholar, Database types of records) FALSC Staff March 19, 2021 Recording Slides
  Primo VE - Overview of Features 3 (Record Actions, Dedup/FRBR, PubMed, & Google Scholar) FALSC Staff March 19, 2021 Recording Slides
  Primo VE - Overview of Features 4 (Permalinks, Mango redirect, EDS/Full Text Finder, adding fields to display) FALSC Staff March 26, 2021 Recording Slides
  eResources Permalinks, Mango redirect, EDS/Full Text Finder, eResources Activation spreadsheet for cutover FALSC Staff March 26, 2021 Recording Slides
  eResources - Two Primo views, eResources activation form, planning for go live, adding institution specific linking parameters FALSC Staff April 2, 2021 Recording Slides
  Primo VE - Record display fields, local fields, two Primo views FALSC Staff April 2, 2021 Recording Slides
  Resource Sharing in Alma - how UBorrow functionality will be configured in Alma and Primo VE Ex Libris April 2, 2021 Recording No Slides
  Primo VE - Local (custom) fields, Hathi Trust, Donor field, Labels, slow response, location maps (if in Mango already), AAL widget FALSC Staff April 9, 2021 Recording1 
  eResources - Links from portfolios, IZbibs, Athenized URLs that don't work (working with Ex Libris for fix with Alma replacing %26 with &) FALSC Staff April 9, 2021 Recording Slides
  Aleph Freeze and Alma Go-Live FALSC Staff April 16, 2021 Recording

Slides Q&A Document

  Primo VE - My Account, Search profiles/scopes, Deep linking, creating a search box to embed on a web page, Display of holdings information FALSC Staff April 16, 2021 Recording Slides
  eResources - ProQuest ebook central, Suppressed records, Why certain records appear in Primo and where they come from FALSC Staff April 16, 2021 Recording Slides
  Primo VE - A Second Look Ex Libris May 7, 2021 Recording  
  Alma Analytics and Reports Delivery FALSC Staff May 28, 2021 Recording Slides
  Resource Sharing - UBorrow in Alma and Primo VE FALSC Staff June 2, 2021 Recording Slides
  Work Orders & Related Records ("bound with") FALSC Staff June 8, 2021 Recording


Help Sheet prepared by UWF 

  Open Office Hours in UBorrow FALSC Staff June 9, 2021 N/A?  
  Primo Office Hours FALSC Staff June 14, 2021 Recording Slides
  Open Office Hours in UBorrow FALSC Staff June 14, 2021 N/A?  

Last updated June 17, 2021 - Table mostly taken from FALSC Next Gen ILS Implementation LibGuide 

The content below is duplicated from the official FALSC website solely for your convenience - one stop shop.

Only the recordings from week 2 will live here. The remainder will (most likely) be posted on a date in the near future here: 

Spring Workshop Recordings

FALSC have made the recordings of each session of the workshops available for staff to watch. The recordings listed below are from the Week 2 workshop held March 8-11, 2021. The presenter for all sessions was Pam Tejes from Ex Libris.

Please use these recordings as a refresher or to catch up on a session that you could not attend. However, they are not a substitute for the for the live, interactive sessions that are currently being offered each week until May 6th.  

Also, it is imperative that if you cannot attend the Introductory session offered each Monday morning from 9:30-10:30am, but you are attending other sessions later in the week, that you watch the recording of the Introductory session. For instance, if you registered to attend one or more sessions on Fulfillment (Circulation) which are offered on Wednesday and Thursday, you should either attend the Monday morning session or watch the recording listed on this page. Information given in the Introduction session will not be repeated explicitly in other sessions.

[Note: There were two technical issues during the workshop that temporarily halted the session and stopped the recording. Because of this, the first part of session 3 and the second part of session 8 have multiple recordings.]


Session Date Recorded Topics Covered Link
Introduction March 08, 2021
Workshop Overview
Inventory Model, Searching
User Roles and Tasks
Video Recording
(1hr 5min)
Session 1 March 08, 2021

Technical Services Overview
Fund Structures
Vendors, Accounts, Interfaces, EDI

Video Recording
(1hr 7min)
Session 2
Part 1
March 08, 2021

Order Line Types
Ordering Lifecycle
Ordering Physical One-time: Physical & Electronic Subscriptions

Video Recording
(1hr 35min)


Session 2
Part 2
March 08, 2021
Receiving, Activating
Receiving One-time
Receiving Subscriptions (with/without predictions)
Activating E-Resources
Video Recording
(1:13 min)
Session 3
Part 1
March 09, 2021

Invoicing Lifecycle & Integration Options
Creating and Editing Invoices

Video Recording
Video Recording

Session 3
Part 2
March 09, 2021
Manual Cataloging and Record Management
Post-Receiving Processing & Work Orders
Metadata Editor: Templates, Locked Records, Copy Cataloging
Authority Control
Item Editor
Video Recording
(1hr, 30min)
Session 4 March 09, 2021
Bulk Catalog, Inventory, and Delivery Maintenance
Import Profiles
Bulk Processing: Records, Inventory, Order Lines, Users
Video Recording
(1hr 38min)
Session 5 March 09, 2021

Technical Services Q & A

Video Recording
(1hr 35min)
Session 6
Part 1
March 10, 2021

Fulfillment Overview
Fulfillment Policies and Infrastructure
Lost Item Profiles and Notifications
Blocks and Overrides
Patron Limits; Loan Limits

Video Recording
(1hr 7min)


Session 6
Part 2
March 10, 2021
User Management and Notices
User Records: Structure, Ownership, Synchronization
Registering New Users
Customizing and Test Notices

Video Recording
(1hr 22min)

Session 7 March 10, 2021
Patron Services
Loan, Return
Fines and Fees
Overriding Blocks

Video Recording
(1hr 30min)

Session 8
Part 1
March 11, 2021

Requests & Resource Sharing
Placing and Managing Requests
Monitoring Requests and Work Orders
Hold Shelf Maintenance
Other Request Types: Digitization, Res. Sharing

Video Recording
(1hr 11min)
Session 8
Part 2
March 11, 2021
Course Reserves
Courses and Reading Lists
Scan-in Reserve Management

Video Recording
Video Recording
(1hr 2min)

Session 9 March 11, 2021

Fulfillment Q & A

Video Recording

Switch to Go Live Timeline

All institutions will go live on Alma/Primo VE on Tuesday, July 13, 2021.

In order to successfully transition all data from Aleph to Alma, it will be necessary to pause various system processes and services currently available to library staff and patrons. Below is a timeline that details when these processes and services will be affected. Please be assured that the dates listed were not made arbitrarily, but rather after numerous discussions between FALSC and Ex Libris; both keeping in mind the amount of time needed to successfully convert the data and the desire to allow the least amount of disruption to library services as possible.

March 1, 2021 - May 7, 2021 - Ex Libris Spring Workshops

March 10, 2021 - Functionality Testing Officially Begins

Alma Go Live Timeline 1 of 3

Alma Go Live Timeline 2 of 3

Alma Go Live Timeline 3 of 3


FALSC New ILS Implementation Timeline (All Phases): 

Eight Working Groups:

  1. Acquisitions/Serials
  2. Cataloging Authorities
  3. Circulation/Resource Sharing
  4. Discovery
  5. E-Resources Management
  6. Joint Use
  7. Systems/Reports
  8. Training

They want YOU !

To facilitate this broad participation, FALSC has set up eight discussion lists, one for each working group, where any library staff can subscribe. Each working group is obligated to post notes from each of their meetings to their respective discussion list and monitor all messages posted to it. The working groups are also encouraged to post questions to the list asking for input. They may also sponsor open web meetings from time to time to invite discussion on a particular topic. These lists are a wonderful way to stay informed and contribute to the project.

Feel free to subscribe to as many of these lists as you want. Joining a list is pretty straightforward, and instructions are listed below.

How to join an Alma/Primo VE Implementation Discussion List

  1. Use the links below to join one of our ILS Implementation Discussion Lists:









  1. In the form that appears, enter your name and Email address.
  1. Click Subscribe to sign on to the list. 

  1. You will receive a confirmation email from LISTSERV.  Click the verification link to complete your subscription. 


Image of the FALSC ILS LibGuide Homepage

FALSC Next Gen ILS Implementation Homepage

FALSC "will be using this LibGuide to share information among the teams, Working Groups and Discussion Groups outlined in the Organization Framework for Implementation Document and the Organizational Framework for Implementation Graphic. Please feel free to check back to this guide often for updates and the latest information on this exciting project." 

Everything you ever wanted to know about the ILS transition lives here. 


Good to Know ! Meeting notes from ILS Coordinators Meetings

Some early notes for June, from various sources. 

UBorrow webinar - 6/2/21

  • Recording & slides are on the FALSC &/ or Ex Libris Presentations Tab (I recommend revewing the slides)
  • Our UBorrow folks that did not attend the live event should watch the recording as we need to begin testing while we still can.


Some early notes for May, from various sources. 

Alma-Generic sign in: FALSC deactivated the generic sign in accounts as of May 1, 2021. They were only meant to be a temporary solution for those w/o functioning staff accounts.  

Resource Sharing: Pick Up Locations for hold requests has been completed.  Pick Up Locations for Resource Sharing requests are still in progress.

End of Aleph - FALSC needs to focus on Alma/Primo VE going forward. If there's a change we would like in Aleph, first consider if it's something we can wait to do in Alma instead. 

Letters - FALSC requested ONE email address from each institution, where patrons can respond if they need to follow up. For Go-Live, our address will be the generic library email for WH. After the transition to Alma, we will be able to "set up email addresses tied to specific locations" and add the LK email.

Use of Mango After Go-Live – One institution asked about this possibility, and about having a special banner with their own wording. After July 8th, Mango will be available until September 30th in a read-only mode. This means that the data in Mango will not be updated. In fact, loading new or edited records will cease on May 27th when the database freeze happens in Aleph.  Patron empowerment features such as UBorrow and hold requests will not be available to users. (UBorrow was disabled May 1st and hold requests will be turned off on July 8th.) After July 8th, the availability information (on Shelf, checked out, etc.) will not display since it will be inaccurate. Even the My Account information will not be truly accurate after Go-Live since all current circulation records will be kept in Alma and available in Primo VE. The main reason that Mango will still be available is for the many permalinks that will still exist in libraries’ Libguides and learning management systems. Therefore, FALSC doesn’t recommend that any institution continue to use it as a public facing tool after Go-Live.

Notes from meeting:

FALSC Update:

  • Configuration & customization of letters or notices. Some need customization. Send helpdesk case if there is a day 1 patron facing immediate notice we need.
  • Doing lots of testing on scheduled jobs. Many have a letter as a component.
  • Some discussion regarding items for SUS schools (Load profiles, EDI, ect…) - not us.
  • Configuration Progress tab was added to the FALSC LibGuide

May 24th & 25th – ExLibris will send new config forms to FALSC – we will need to resubmit… no date provided for when we will receive them or when they will be due.

May 28th – special Aleph user accounts for Circ

  • Aleph logins – will be distributed a few days prior to technical services freeze
  • Calling them – “Student level” & “manager level”

June 15 – Functional testing ends / configuration freeze - The 2 default sandboxes will be available from

June 15th until Go live (sign in info & links on our training checklist

July 8th – 12thWe made the decision to NOT use Alma’s offline circ & will be tracking circ using a spreadsheet.

Workshops: Now over, but recordings from Two weeks are still available.

  • 704 different people at the 40 institutions took at least one workshop.
  • 25% signed up, but didn’t attend.
  • All institutions received a report of who attended – some institutions give some type of continuing education credit
  • Best turnout - The catalogers almost always showed up.

Mango will still be available for the many permalinks that will still exist in libraries’ Libguides and learning management systems. FALSC doesn’t recommend that any institution continue to use it as a public facing tool after Go-Live.

Some early notes for April, from various sources. 

Item Process Statuses:

In Aleph, Item Process Statuses were usually used to designate items as undergoing a "behind the scenes" process in cataloging, acquisitions, or circulation. Adding an IPS to an item made it easy to find them using Aleph's reports.

Alma does not use Item Process Statuses and instead uses Work Orders and Work Order Statuses to keep track of items requiring processing. In Alma, instead of running a report to find items that require work, they are available in a list and can be retrieved with just a few clicks.

The following are the Item Process Status Codes for our Institution:

Item Status Item Process Status Description
## OI Order Initiated
## OR On Order
## IP In process
## MI Missing
## WD Withdrawn
## OD On Display
## SB Sent to Binder
## SC Send to Cataloging
## CT In Cataloging
## CA Cancelled
## BP Binding Preparation
## BD In House Repair
## DM Damaged
## CL Claimed
## NA Has Not Arrived
## FO Faculty Office
## NP Not Published
## TE Technical Department
## VC Vendor Cancelled
## LC Library Cancelled
## DO In Dept. Office
## NR RegularLoan/NonRequest
## NC NonCirculating
## CO Claimed Lost
## CR Claimed Returned
## AL Assumed Lost
## LO Lost
## NO Not Ordered
## IS In-Storage


A printable version of this list as well as related cleanup instructions for Aleph/Alma can be found in PIE: HERE 


Digital Functionality in Alma Webinar - Ex Libris webinar held April 5th


Monthly status report from Ex Libris:

  • Everyone is learning more every day
  • FALSC staff have been attending additional training, but NOT Not receiving extensive training

  • Tested for all 40:
    • SSO, Patron loads – getting closer - & Loading bib records (started)
    • 3rd party – started testing: a bunch of acquisitions related items, SMS – (successfully testing so far), importing Connexion records, Z39.50, loading EOD records, self-checkout, patron photos, functionality with FLAIR, HathiTrust in Primo, mapping of stack images in Primo
    • I can happily report Laura tested our scanners & they DO work!
    • Post Go Live items – listed on the switch to Go Live Timeline

LIVE FALSC webinars from last week:

Simplified Alma Acquisitions Webinar – Not sure if any of the content presented will be useful for us…. some fund info, lots of serials workflows, some creation of skeleton records being created & tracked by acquisitions (w/o really using real money) 

Switch from Aleph to Alma - June & July

  • The Switch to Go Live Timeline has been revised a bit… not much
  • Most interesting - May 28th – ALL Logins for Aleph will change
    • Circ staff will have their own login  - FALSC will distribute that to us
    • Everyone can use the circ staff login IF everyone does circ
    • This was the only option that would allow everyone to still VIEW record

Spring Workshop Updates

  • ONLY a few weeks remaining of workshops – coincides with the end of our Spring Term Classes
  • Recordings for Weeks 2 & 6 are currently online.
  • The workshops DO BUILD on each other – do them in order & preferably during the same week.
    • In sessions I attended - MOST presenters assume you were in their previous sessions
      • Q & A sessions are hit or miss - ask questions - they will happily show you just about anything (but be prepared for them to go pretty fast)
    • Procrastinators – you want to do these workshops next week and try applying what you learned.
      • Can you look up a user and do the most common things:
        • View books checked out by a patron
        • Renew an item
        • Anything you regularly do – see if you can do it
      • You want to understand the basic structure of Alma and get a grasp on the jargon
        • Have a question – jot it down & register for the Q&A week 10
    • Realize it takes a village to learn Alma – this is new to everyone – INCLUDING FALSC!
      • There is an online knowledgebase.
      • We do NOT & will NOT have a quick reference cheat sheet at go live.
      • Take advantage of being able to ask questions to ExLibris NOW!

Things learned via random webinars & emailing FALSC over the past month:

Patron letters – The creation of or turning on/off of the many Letter options will be managed by FLVC. A document/survey will be sent to us soon to solicit the information needed to set up notifications. (After Go Live we will have the option to manage them ourselves. IF we choose to do so, there will be some type of training provided by FALSC) I am also assuming this survey will ask which emails we would like to have activated to test this functionality. (Currently we are unable to add functioning emails)

Some early notes for March, from various sources. Additional notes will be added to the March tab through 3/20/21

  • Alma workshops have begun. Recordings have not been posted yet to my knowledge.
  • Functionality testing will begin Wednesday, 3/10/21.
  • Primo VE seems to be the focus for bonus Friday webinars from FLVC this month. 
  • Primo sign in (SSO OR Alma) Alma option is for FALSC employees
  • Alma Analytics Overview – ALL Staff Teams Event - Tue 3/9 1-2:30PM - recording is now posted

Primo customizations – We can do our own (to a point) or have FALSC do it for us – After playing around a bit, we opted to go with the FALSC version using our branded colors & it’s now on our live site.  

Analytics webinar – hopefully staff all understand what needs to be created & what already exists, etc.

FALSC- Working on 3rd party integrations.

  • SSO is working well so far – yea!
  • IT staff is now testing patron loads – 7-8 institutions have passed & are done.
    • Nothing received from 12-13 Half of these conveyed they wouldn’t get around to this till late May
    • Other half – 6-7 institutions haven’t heard anything from their IT dept at all!
    • If you are one of these, get with your IT dept (We are not - Ours was submitted on time :-)
    • None of the submissions were perfect the first time – don’t want to delay too long.
    • FALSC will be making an edited version of their tracking spreadsheet so we will be able to see when our patron load passes.

Latest Timeline

  • Built from go-live going backwards (FALSC & ExLibris have their own timeline – very detailed to coordinate tasks)
  • Full timeline has been in our February folder in PIE (printer friendly) – now duplicated in full on the “Implementation Timeline” tab in box above (old overview timeline is on the archived 2020 page in this LibGuide).

May 1st - UBorrow is suspended (UBorrow demo for Alma – beginning of April – You should have received an email invite from me on 3/11 to register for this)

May 27th COB – Tech Services Freeze Begins – (6-week freeze) this is as tight as they could make the timeline.

  • No Adding, Modifying, or Delete of ANY RECORDS in Aleph for the 6 weeks till Go Live.
  • Some FALSC staff are scheduled after this point with tasks to accomplish by the hour.

May 28th – FALSC copies EVERYTHING from Aleph Production Server

  • Do not add/modify/change ANY RECORDS.
  • FALSC can’t technically FREEZE or lock down cataloging or course reserves w/o also freezing circ. Any changes made in Aleph after May 27th will NOT be reflected in Alma…  (Just don’t – could potentially cause a circ problem or other issues.)

June 15thAlma Configuration Freeze

  • Can continue making changes up till the 15th – then that’s it.

June 28th – Automated processes cease in Aleph  - EXCEPT those directly affecting circulation

July 2nd – Patron loads stop

July 8th COB - Fulfillment (circulation) freeze Friday 9th – 12th

Use offline circ program or something else… FALSC will host a How to use Alma offline circ software special webinar – details much later

July 9th – Aleph placed into “read only” mode till July 2022 (1 year)

July 13th - A BRAND NEW DAY

  • Download & upload circ from Alma offline circ at beginning of the day
  • Most things will start back up in Alma
  • Patron file loads can begin
  • Mango – “read only” mode w/ banners until Sept 30th

Q&A - The was some discussion and concerns about vendor records, acquisitions,.. – not us!

Love timelines and want to know more?

FALSC added a new tab on their implementation timeline page for the “Go-Live Phase” (An overview of their To-Do’s for those that are interested) -

Spring workshops – 10 weeks of training. There are 9 sessions & the first session is an intro session.

  • Can sign up for only specific sessions BUT – should attend an introductory session prior to any of the other sessions. The recording for the intro session held during week 2 is below.
  • Note: A recording is NOT as good as attending live. Nice to be able to ask questions, interact with Ex Libris trainer.


Date Recorded

Topics Covered



March 08, 2021

Workshop Overview
Inventory Model, Searching
User Roles and Tasks


  • There are FALSC staff at each session that are subject specialists for those specific sessions. Ex/Acquisitions – Jay, Circulation - Chrissy or Clayton
  • They help the trainer get the training across – for us (related to how we are already set up).

Survey Update

  • ILL – 28 institutions responded – need to hear from the others.
    • Results are being compiled by Chrissy.
    • Will be deciding how to replicate that functionality in Alma.
  • Patron Loads (coming soon) – need to set up the routine.             
    • Ex Libris has parameters during which patron uploads can occur.
    • Will need to be more specifically defined for each institution.
    • How often do we (can we) provide a file? Get with Dean/Director/IT staff.


Potential training for after Go Live - Link ebooks to ERM


OMG - So many important meetings for February - many of which you will probably want to watch or at least view the slides for. 

Where are these slides & recordings? 

So glad you asked! Why, they are now in the box above this one on the "FALSC &/or Ex Libris Presentations". FALSC just added a similar table to their LibGuide today & I totally stole it! (With Daves' permission of course - got it in writing!) 

Biggest takeaways from the multiple February meetings so far:

*We received one of our two BIG Valentine’s Day gifts from FALSC late Tuesday 2/9/21 afternoon - Our instance of Alma (replacing - Aleph) 

We will get our instance of Primo VE (replacing - Mango) sometime next week

There are 2 links to our Alma instance & 1 to the Network Zone. All three links and their explanations are in the “It’s Finally Here” box on this page, as well as at the top of the Play Zones tab in our Alma/Primo VE training checklist.

Next 3 weeks: Get comfortable searching & verify our data migrated “correctly.”

We were instructed NOT to Change ANY data until the end of the month (when functional/workflow testing will begin.

  •             Remember – The Data was frozen as of October 31st
  •             Anything we’ve changed in Aleph since 10/2020 will not be in Alma 
  •             See an issue with a record – look for more records with the same issue. Can you find a pattern? (take screenshots if possible)
  • Also make note of any slowness in Alma – document day, time, browser, where were you in Alma, what were you trying to do, etc… (this was an issue with the Vanguard libraries, but should be fixed).

A few things to spot check:


  • Did all the data we wanted to migrate actually migrate?
  • Check record counts – migration stats report, Alma search results vs Aleph totals
  • Check records – data in the correct place, errors
  • Any rejections (on statistics tab)
  • Identify cleanup we may want to do before &/or after migration


  • Correct user groups
    • External – Updated by the external system – patron upload. Anyone marked INTERNAL will NOT be updated
  • Check the fields – is the phone #, address, etc… in the correct field 
  • Note– emails were scrubbed so we don’t accidentally spam all our users during the testing period :-)

*We were also gifted with multiple documents that initially appeared torturous, but now seem much less so. FALSC (with the help of Aleph) has prepopulated most of the answers! We basically need to double check them and see if anything needs to be changed.  Copies of all those documents are in the “February FALSC Alma Documents” folder in PIE. This link also lives at the top of the Play Zones tab in our Alma/Primo VE training checklist. (Things that do not pertain to us (ex/ Acquisitions) should be left blank).

Remember - We need you!

  • If you find something that may be an error or a cause for concern, add it to our shared Got a Question/Comment document that lives on the LibGuide at the bottom of the current month’s to-do list. That new tab is called “Uh Oh… Alma Instance Issues”. 
  • Try to look for patterns before adding a single isolated issue. Then we can each look for additional issues before reporting them to FALSC. *Try to take screenshots and document the issues as best you can. After being reported, it will most likely head to the Full 40 “Known Issues” spreadsheet, which lives here: along with various other fun things....

Next Friday – “Open hours” meeting – Topic: NEW eresource activation worksheets… linking parameters (looking forward to cutover) – Jarrod & Shannon will attend.

UBorrow - Stop date before cutover - Tentatively 5/1/21. There will be additional information about this later.

March – May: Functional testing, & workshops, & setting up of 3rd party integration, Oh my!

Overview/Status of the Alma Implementation (as of 1/13/21)

  • FALSC has been busy focusing on our Primo configuration worksheets
  • Working groups will start getting together again this month
  • On schedule for full test load phase - February 9th
  • Update on Alma Essentials Training: 
    • Now called “New Alma Essentials Training” 
    • Same content but updated images of the new user interface

Webinars / Workshops / Trainings

  • Spring “workshops” (not “trainings”) – Renegotiated between FALSC & Ex Libris, since they will be virtual
    • There will be a total of Ten – 4 or 5 day virtual workshops + Five additional follow up workshops after go live
    • Virtual workshops will be capped at approximately50- 60 attendees. Training sessions will be limited to make it easier for attendees to ask questions. There will be a sign up form (not created yet)
    • 1st workshop will include working group members & FALSC staff and possibly (more than likely not) ILS coordinators. (A couple ILS coordinators expressed a strong interest in their teams being able to attend the same workshops.)
    • Other 9 workshops – all other interested library staff
      • Format: 2 – 2.5 hours in the morning and 2 – 2.5 hours in the afternoon – topics to be covered will be communicated - individuals will be able sign up for the entire course OR just a given session 
      • Tentatively - 1st week of March – 1st week of May
    • The Training Working Group is working on a webinar detailing pertinent workshop info including details about the sign-up form, dates, etc… - Webinar should be sometime in the next month. 
    • NEW INFO as of 1/25/21: The first workshop open to all library staff will be March 8-11 (the last May 3-6 which is also the final week of Spring Term at Polk).The main focus of the workshops are to go through and explain workflow issues with Alma. They are not intended to give staff step-by-step instructions how to do a particular function. Therefore, it is imperative that staff who attend these workshops have some knowledge of Alma. Library staff should have completed the Alma Essentials online training modules. FALSC is working on a couple of open sessions regarding Primo VE. These will be scheduled separately and will be later this spring (April – May). I know many ILS coordinators want their teams to attend during the same week, but I think we need to addend different weeks to maintain adequate coverage on AAL. This is assuming we are all planning to take advantage of the training.
  • Other Webinars:
    • Recording: eresource webinar on December 9th included good info – link on FALSC website reported as not working – FALSC will fix
    • Upcoming
      • February 9th - Webinar for Local Implementation teams for full test load phase – invite will go out next week
      • February 16th - Primo first look webinar
      • March 9th – Ex Libris Webinar Alma Analytics

Reports subgroup of the Systems-Reports Working Group

  • Asked the other Working Groups to compile lists of reports necessary for Day One of the new system, as well as those reports that would be ‘nice to have’.
  • Out of the Box reports from Alma Analytics:
  • Aside – we will be tweaking reports for months to come….

End of February – timeline for the freeze for “cutover” will be finalized. (cataloging, circ)

  • Related – Uborrow – how soon should we shut down the lending service on Aleph to come up live on Alma – this will need to be done earlier… materials need to get back to their home library. None of the requests or items in transit in Aleph ILL will be transferred over. Only the loans will transfer over. You’ll have to refer back to the original Aleph if that info is needed.
  • Shut down other ILL systems as well? (USF uses Illiad….)

Updates on Work by ILS Coordinators

  • Primo VE Forms – received about 30 forms 
    • FALSC sent in default settings for any institution that did not submit a form 
    • FALSC was surprised more institutions did NOT ask for a digital collection to be uploaded. Training session in mid feb/march – how to add additional digital collections
    • DISC – resource type settings for any digital collections for FALSC, in the hope the digital collections will be correct. That meeting is overlapping with this meeting. They are working on it!
  • User Role Forms 
    • Received 22 forms so far
    • Can put “All” for staff doing work for multiple branches
    • Shift in previous instructions - If staff will not be doing “testing” no need to add them… If you have the time, go ahead & set them up. We will keep our members listed (I think the shift in guidance is because FALSC wants to make sure they get something submitted for every institution, instead of having an all or nothing situation.)
    • There will be some generic accounts for testing purposes – not planning to use those accounts after go live
    • With Alma we will want to get rid of accounts where staff have left. If staff do not appear in the patron/staff load in the future, that staff account will be dropped
    • After go live institutions will have the option to manage their own accounts

Other & Future Topics:

  • EDS 
  • Overlap period for EDS – ebsco discovery services – the licensing agreement for EBSCO EDS is ending soon - FALSC is making plans to talk to EBSCO – looking at an “overlap period with EDS”. FALSC has begun talking with EBSCO. FALSC knows where they stand with EBSCO & want to see what other things they can negotiate… As soon as there is something solid they will let us know. 
  • EDS going away or potentially going away? – FALSC confirmed “Research Starters” will NOT be a part of Primo VE. There might be something similar in PrimoVE.
    • Found these points in the “Discovery Working Group Minutes” for December 9th
      • EBSCO & Central Discovery Index (CDI) differences
        • Pulls in metadata from many vendors to the CDI and it is available for searching. You will not get the metadata from EBSCO databases in CDI in Primo VE. Will turn on access to EBSCO databases in ERM, but that does not control what you are searching but what you can link to. CDI has access to more vendors’ metadata than EDS.
        • A webinar on Primo VE for February to discuss how CDI and Primo VE works? Yes, very helpful for all staff. Perhaps multiple sessions can help for other topics too. Maybe a broad overview open to everyone without getting too much in the weeds would help. Cherie will come up with some possible topics and share with us to see what we want to offer. Limit to one hour at a time. Will plan them in January.
        • UBorrow/ILL was not set-up for Vanguard phase. It will be developed during the all 40 test load phase.
  • Data review (starting in February):
    • ExLibris will give us tips on reviewing our data in the upcoming webinar
    • Report issues that are not on the “known issues list” to the help desk.
    • Ideas from other institutions: 
      • Create spreadsheet of what people regularly do – to make sure everything gets tested.
      • Create a known issues list for their college. Review the issues internally first, then have one person report verified issues to FALSC

Clean Up & Other Major Documents Submitted to FALSC

Document Name Date Due Date Submitted
“Item Status and Collection Clean Up”  10/14/2020 10/13/2020
Borrower Status Clean Up spreadsheet 11/20/2020 11/7/2020
“Duplicate Barcodes” report - optional (but important) 10/23/2020 Completed by Melissa on our behalf 10/23/2020
eResources Activation Form 11/6/2020 Revised version submitted 11/6/2020
Alma Staff Roles Worksheet 1/15/2021 1/14/21
Primo VE Configuration Forms 1/13/2021 1/11/21
Patron Load Test Files 2/1/2021 1/29/21
Final eResources Activation Form 5/13/2021 5/11/21
Patron Load New Test File & Survey... 4/16/2021 4/16/21 - Success!

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