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Bye Bye Aleph & Mango, Hello Alma & Primo: Post Go-Live


Welcome to Alma

This guide is meant to be a one stop easy to find site for everything related to our next gen ILS implementation of Alma and Primo VE. 

For info that's soooooo pre-go-live, check out the Home Tab & the 2020 Alma Primo Archive Tab above.

The other Alma Libguide for TLCC, staff & faculty:


Where It's At!


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The Reference Section


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Next Gen ILS Implementation

Welcome to your one stop shop for our Alma and Primo VE implementation.

Earth shattering revelations and important to-do's will live on this tab. For a more thorough update see the Good to Know box below this one.

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The Latest & the Greatest:

  • Beginning January 2024, library staff will be allowed to attend any session offered through the ELUNA Learns program for FREE (result of increased membership fee). There will be no limit on the number of registrants from a given institution:

Fall Workshop Recordings (September 2021):

All of the FLVC / Ex Libris Fall Workshop recordings will be available here:  

FLVC is posting the recordings the Monday following the live workshops.

The content below is duplicated from the official FALSC website solely for your convenience - one stop shop.

Only the recordings from week 2 will live here. Additional recordings posted by FLVC live here: 

Spring Workshop Recordings

FALSC have made the recordings of each session of the workshops available for staff to watch. The recordings listed below are from the Week 2 workshop held March 8-11, 2021. The presenter for all sessions was Pam Tejes from Ex Libris.

Please use these recordings as a refresher or to catch up on a session that you could not attend. However, they are not a substitute for the for the live, interactive sessions that are currently being offered each week until May 6th.  

Also, it is imperative that if you cannot attend the Introductory session offered each Monday morning from 9:30-10:30am, but you are attending other sessions later in the week, that you watch the recording of the Introductory session. For instance, if you registered to attend one or more sessions on Fulfillment (Circulation) which are offered on Wednesday and Thursday, you should either attend the Monday morning session or watch the recording listed on this page. Information given in the Introduction session will not be repeated explicitly in other sessions.

[Note: There were two technical issues during the workshop that temporarily halted the session and stopped the recording. Because of this, the first part of session 3 and the second part of session 8 have multiple recordings.]


Session Date Recorded Topics Covered Link
Introduction March 08, 2021
Workshop Overview
Inventory Model, Searching
User Roles and Tasks
Video Recording
(1hr 5min)
Session 1 March 08, 2021

Technical Services Overview
Fund Structures
Vendors, Accounts, Interfaces, EDI

Video Recording
(1hr 7min)
Session 2
Part 1
March 08, 2021

Order Line Types
Ordering Lifecycle
Ordering Physical One-time: Physical & Electronic Subscriptions

Video Recording
(1hr 35min)


Session 2
Part 2
March 08, 2021
Receiving, Activating
Receiving One-time
Receiving Subscriptions (with/without predictions)
Activating E-Resources
Video Recording
(1:13 min)
Session 3
Part 1
March 09, 2021

Invoicing Lifecycle & Integration Options
Creating and Editing Invoices

Video Recording
Video Recording

Session 3
Part 2
March 09, 2021
Manual Cataloging and Record Management
Post-Receiving Processing & Work Orders
Metadata Editor: Templates, Locked Records, Copy Cataloging
Authority Control
Item Editor
Video Recording
(1hr, 30min)
Session 4 March 09, 2021
Bulk Catalog, Inventory, and Delivery Maintenance
Import Profiles
Bulk Processing: Records, Inventory, Order Lines, Users
Video Recording
(1hr 38min)
Session 5 March 09, 2021

Technical Services Q & A

Video Recording
(1hr 35min)
Session 6
Part 1
March 10, 2021

Fulfillment Overview
Fulfillment Policies and Infrastructure
Lost Item Profiles and Notifications
Blocks and Overrides
Patron Limits; Loan Limits

Video Recording
(1hr 7min)


Session 6
Part 2
March 10, 2021
User Management and Notices
User Records: Structure, Ownership, Synchronization
Registering New Users
Customizing and Test Notices

Video Recording
(1hr 22min)

Session 7 March 10, 2021
Patron Services
Loan, Return
Fines and Fees
Overriding Blocks

Video Recording
(1hr 30min)

Session 8
Part 1
March 11, 2021

Requests & Resource Sharing
Placing and Managing Requests
Monitoring Requests and Work Orders
Hold Shelf Maintenance
Other Request Types: Digitization, Res. Sharing

Video Recording
(1hr 11min)
Session 8
Part 2
March 11, 2021
Course Reserves
Courses and Reading Lists
Scan-in Reserve Management

Video Recording
Video Recording
(1hr 2min)

Session 9 March 11, 2021

Fulfillment Q & A

Video Recording

Project Presentations

Below is a list of recordings for all major meetings and/or presentations related to the ILS Implementation Project. Many of these sessions were open and available to all library staff and cover topics that touch on all aspects of the project. Click on the corresponding link to view the presentation. Slides and other information may also be available.


  Event Presenter Date Link Related Info.
  Vanguard Kickoff Meeting Ex Libris July 9, 2020 Recording  
  Vanguard Primo VE First Look Ex Libris September 18, 2020 Recording Slides
  Full Forty Kickoff Meeting Ex Libris November, 10, 2020 Recording Slides
  Primo VE Configuration Form Review Ex Libris December 1, 2020 Recording
(no longer available)
  eResources in Alma/Primo VE FALSC Staff December 9, 2020 Recording Slides
  Leganto Demonstration Ex Libris February 2, 2021 Recording  
  Alma Spring Workshops Informational Webinar Training Working Group February 4, 2021 Recording Slides
  E-Resources Clean Up 856 Fields Cat/Authorities WG February 4, 2021 Recording Slides
  Alma Full Forty Testload Release Ex Libris February 9, 2021 Recording Slides
  Alma Data Review Workshop FALSC Staff February 12, 2021 Recording Slides
  Full Forty Primo VE First Look Ex Libris February 16, 2021 Recording Slides
  eResources in Alma (Statewide eresources in the NZ, Linking parameters) FALSC Staff February 19, 2021 Recording Slides
  eResources in Alma (Finding "e" content, Display Logic rules, Autoholdings) FALSC Staff February 26, 2021 Recording Slides
  Primo VE - Overview of Features (General and Links Menu) FALSC Staff March 5, 2021 Recording Slides
  Primo VE - Overview of Features (Discovery Admin Session) FALSC Staff March 5, 2021 Recording Slides 
  Alma Analytics Workshop Ex Libris March 9, 2021 Recording Slides
  Primo VE - Overview of Features 2 (Releases, Brief Results, & Facets) FALSC Staff March 12, 2021 Recording Slides
  eResources (FLVC Optimizing Alma Activations for the Central Discover Index (CDI) Ex Libris March 16, 2021 N/A Slides
  eResources Office Hours (PubMed, Google Scholar, Database types of records) FALSC Staff March 19, 2021 Recording Slides
  Primo VE - Overview of Features 3 (Record Actions, Dedup/FRBR, PubMed, & Google Scholar) FALSC Staff March 19, 2021 Recording Slides
  Primo VE - Overview of Features 4 (Permalinks, Mango redirect, EDS/Full Text Finder, adding fields to display) FALSC Staff March 26, 2021 Recording Slides
  eResources Permalinks, Mango redirect, EDS/Full Text Finder, eResources Activation spreadsheet for cutover FALSC Staff March 26, 2021 Recording Slides
  eResources - Two Primo views, eResources activation form, planning for go live, adding institution specific linking parameters FALSC Staff April 2, 2021 Recording Slides
  Primo VE - Record display fields, local fields, two Primo views FALSC Staff April 2, 2021 Recording Slides
  Resource Sharing in Alma - how UBorrow functionality will be configured in Alma and Primo VE Ex Libris April 2, 2021 Recording No Slides
  Primo VE - Local (custom) fields, Hathi Trust, Donor field, Labels, slow response, location maps (if in Mango already), AAL widget FALSC Staff April 9, 2021 Recording1 
  eResources - Links from portfolios, IZbibs, Athenized URLs that don't work (working with Ex Libris for fix with Alma replacing %26 with &) FALSC Staff April 9, 2021 Recording Slides
  Aleph Freeze and Alma Go-Live FALSC Staff April 16, 2021 Recording

Slides Q&A Document

  Primo VE - My Account, Search profiles/scopes, Deep linking, creating a search box to embed on a web page, Display of holdings information FALSC Staff April 16, 2021 Recording Slides
  eResources - ProQuest ebook central, Suppressed records, Why certain records appear in Primo and where they come from FALSC Staff April 16, 2021 Recording Slides
  Primo VE - A Second Look Ex Libris May 7, 2021 Recording  
  Alma Analytics and Reports Delivery FALSC Staff May 28, 2021 Recording Slides
  Resource Sharing - UBorrow in Alma and Primo VE FALSC Staff June 2, 2021 Recording Slides
  Work Orders & Related Records ("bound with") FALSC Staff June 8, 2021 Recording


Help Sheet prepared by UWF 

  Open Office Hours in UBorrow FALSC Staff June 9, 2021 N/A?  
  Alma Analytics: Basics of Finding and Modifying Reports
June 11, 2021 Recording Slides
  Primo Office Hours FALSC Staff June 14, 2021 Recording Slides
  Open Office Hours in UBorrow FALSC Staff June 14, 2021 N/A?  
  Library Hours Webinar - Changing Library Hours in Alma FLVC Staff Aug 18, 2021 Recording Slides
  Fall Workshops - Multiple Workshops: eResources, Primo VE, Physical Resources (Acquisitions), Cataloging, & Alma Analytics Ex Libris Staff Sept 2021 Link to Recordings  

Last updated Aug 18, 2021 - Table mostly taken from FALSC Next Gen ILS Implementation LibGuide 

Switch to Go Live Timeline

All institutions will go live on Alma/Primo VE on Tuesday, July 13, 2021.

In order to successfully transition all data from Aleph to Alma, it will be necessary to pause various system processes and services currently available to library staff and patrons. Below is a timeline that details when these processes and services will be affected. Please be assured that the dates listed were not made arbitrarily, but rather after numerous discussions between FALSC and Ex Libris; both keeping in mind the amount of time needed to successfully convert the data and the desire to allow the least amount of disruption to library services as possible.

March 1, 2021 - May 7, 2021 - Ex Libris Spring Workshops

March 10, 2021 - Functionality Testing Officially Begins

Alma Go Live Timeline 1 of 3

Alma Go Live Timeline 2 of 3

Alma Go Live Timeline 3 of 3


FALSC New ILS Implementation Timeline (All Phases): 

Good to Know ! ILS Coordinator's Notes

All times are EST. email Shannon for current meeting links


  • Alma Analytics Open Office Hours: Thursdays 3:30 - 4:30 pm
  • Acquisitions and Serials Open Office Hours: Fridays 3:30 - 4:30 pm
  • Alma ERM Open Office Hours: Mondays 10:00 – 11:00 am


  • Resource Sharing Standing Committee (RSSC) Open Office Hours: Third Wednesday 2:00 - 3:00 pm
  • Technical Services Standing Committee (TSSC) Open Office Hours: First Wednesday 11:00–12:00 pm
  • User Interfaces Standing Committee (UISC) - Primo Open Office Hours: First and Third Monday 1:00 - 2:00 pm

11/9/22 - Alma & Primo VE Fall Virtual Conference

RIP Aleph - 7/14/22: FLVC has created a dashboard of some Archived Aleph Reports. Others are available by contacting FLVC.

RIP Mango - 10/1/21

ILS Implementation Project Update:

The 8 Working Groups, the Implementation Team, and the Steering Committee have been disbanded. 

  • Respective standing committees have assumed the work from the working groups.
  • ILS Coordinators will remain in place for now to act as a contact person and a liaison to help disseminate information about our new system. 

Alma Staff Accounts - Expiration:

  • FLVC will be implementing a policy beginning in October whereby all staff accounts that have never been used to log into Alma or that have been inactive for at least 90 days will have their user roles suspended. This means that these accounts will still be in the system, but that they cannot be used to log into Alma and thereby will not count toward our user limit. An automated process that can identify and suspend these accounts will be run several times during the year. Any suspended accounts can be easily restored by contacting the FLVC Help Desk at
  • FLVC ran this process for the first time on Monday, October 11, 2021.

Polk State College is committed to equal access/equal opportunity in its programs, activities, and employment. For additional information, visit