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TLCC Testing Procedure: Faculty Basics

Details outlining current TLCC Testing Center policies for students, faculty, and the community are available in this guide.

Faculty: How to Get Started

The TLCC/Testing Centers are excited to announce the new online system for test submission and scheduling!



Here are the links for professor enrollment, professor login, and the student side, in case you want to see that process.


1. Instructors use these links to enroll.

After the enrollment process is completed, use the next links to login.

New enrollments will be processed within 24 business hours of receipt.


2. Instructors use these links to login and submit exams for students to schedule appointments. 

Yes, you will be able to send exams to both campuses.

All exam information will be reviewed and processed by testing staff within 24 business hours of receipt.

Call the Testing Staff if you need assistance with edits, updates, or additions.


3. Students use these links to schedule an exam. 

Students should schedule their exams 24 business hours in advance.
Shorter advanced notice may be possible if space is available.

For more information or to get started, please contact your local TLCC/Testing Center at or

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