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Florida Civic Literacy Assessment and Graduation Requirements: Civic Literacy Assessment Options

This guide was created to help you understand the new state requirements for civic literacy in Florida for of all students beginning Fall 2021 and to help you prepare for successfully completing those requirements.

Civic Literacy Assessment Options

Civic Literacy Assessment Options for Students

In addition to taking AMH 2020 or POS 2041, students must pass one of these Civic Literacy assessment options :

  • Florida Civic Literacy Examination (FCLE)  - Score of 48 (or higher) out of 80 (at least a 60%)
  • CLEP American Government  - Score of 50 (or higher) out of 80
  • AP Government and Politics: United States History  - Score of 3 (or higher) out of 5
  • AP United States History - Score of 4 (or higher) out of 5

The Florida Civic Literacy Exam (FCLE) includes 100 questions - 60 from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Naturalization Test question bank, and 40 additional questions developed by the Florida Board of Governors.  The updated FCLE will become available by December 2021. 

Resources that link to these assessment exams are below.

Florida Civic Literacy Assessment Study & Prep Resources

Civic Literacy Review (Whole Test Flash Cards) 

Civic Literacy Exam Preparation Guide (Whole Test Review) 

Civics Flash Cards (Naturalization Flash Cards) (Constitution Quiz) 

Civics (History and Government) Questions for the Naturalization Test (100 Civics Questions and Answers)

Citizenship Study Guide (Citizenship Test Questions)

Florida Department of Education

Online Practice Test

CLEP American Government Study & Prep Resources

AP History, Gov & Politics Study & Prep Resources

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