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ENC0027 Argument paper: The Assignment

Instructor Information


Lynda Wolverton

Office: LLC 2275




Lakeland Campus

LLC 2160 297-1042



Assignment Details

Research Requirements

 1. Choose a topic to argue for or against.

2. Use at least two sources from the databases and web site given by the librarian to choose from. Do not use anymore than 3 sources.

3. You must have a works cited page listing the sources, and it must be written according to MLA guidelines.

4. You must have at least one parenthetical citation for each source listed on your works cited page.

5. You must write 5-6 paragraphs and follow the MLA format (typed, double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman Font) for the entire paper.

6. Each paragraph must have 5+ sentences in it.

7. The paper must be written in 3rd person and use formal standard English.

8. You must have an argumentative thesis statement – underline it.

9. You must acknowledge and include the other side of the argument (refutation).

10. Submit the essay and the articles used in this assignment.

11. It must be based on facts from the sources not emotions.

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