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Sonography Library Collection: Online Videos

Sonography textbooks, reference books, encyclopedias, & dictionaries available through Polk State College Airside's medical library.

Sonography Online Videos

 Advanced ultrasound-guided procedures, part 1 [Online video]. (2014). Academic Video Online. 

 Advanced ultrasound-guided procedures, part 2 [Online video]. (2014). Academic Video Online. 

 Call to action: What to do when a patient codes. [Online video]. (2009). Cypress, CA: Medcom Trainex. 

 Carotid stenosis assessment [Online video]. (2014). Academic Video Online. 

 Cases in emergency ultrasound [Online video]. (2013). Academic Video Online. 

 Focused assessment with sonography in trauma [Online video]. (2012). Academic Video Online. 

 Informed consent: Basic principles for staff education. [Online video]. (2004). CA: Medcom, Inc. 

 Introduction to gynecological sonography [Online video]. (2013). Academic Video Online. 

 Introduction to thyroid sonography [Online video]. (2012). Academic Video Online. 

 Lessons in compassion: Teaching bedside manner. [Online video]. ABC News Productions. 

 Maslow's hierarchy of needs produced by James Holzknecht [Online video]. (2007). Austin, TX : Castalia Media. 

 Medical imaging: X-rays, CT, MRI, ultrasound, and virtual reality. [Online video]. University of Leeds. 

 Point of care ultrasound for the sonographer [Online video]. (2014). Academic Video Online. 

 Professional career tools : A survival guide [Online video]. (2011). Academic Video Online. 

 Sonography [Online video]. (2002). Cambridge Educational. . 

 Standard protocols [Online video]. (2005). Academic Video Online. 

 Taking care - presenting a professional appearance and behavior [Online video]. (2015). Academic Video Online. 

 Ultrasound-guided emergency and critical care procedures [Online video]. (2014). Academic Video Online. 

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