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Sonography Library Collection: eBooks: Title

Sonography textbooks, reference books, encyclopedias, & dictionaries available through Polk State College Airside's medical library.

Sonography eBooks by Title

 3D-ultrasound in prenatal diagnosis: A practical approach by Rabih Chaoui & Kai-Sven Heling (2016) 

 Abdominal ultrasound: Step by step by Berthold Block (2016) 

 Anesthesia: Essential clinical updates for practitioners - regional, ultrasound, coagulation, obstetrics and pediatrics edited by A. D. John (2018) 

 Applied radiological anatomy for medical students by Paul Butler, et al. (2007) 

 Atlas of endoscopic ultrasonography by Frank G. Gress (2011) 

 Atlas of foot and ankle sonography by Ronald Adler, et al. (2004) 

 Atlas of musculoskeletal ultrasound anatomy by Mike Bradley & Paul O'Donnell (2002) 

 Atlas of musculoskeletal ultrasound anatomy by Mike Bradley & Paul O'Donnell (2010) 

 Atlas of ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology: A multimedia reference by Peter M. Doubilet, et al. (2019) 

 Breast ultrasound by A. Thomas Stavros, et al. (2004) 

 The complete guide to vascular ultrasound by Peter H. Arger & Suzanne DeBari Iyoob (2004) 

 Cross-sectional human anatomy by David Dean & Thomas E. Herbener (2007) 

 Danforth's obstetrics and gynecology by Ronald S. Gibbs & David N. Danforth (2008) 

 Diagnostic imaging by Andrea G. Rockall and Peter Armstrong (2013) 

 Diagnostic ultrasound imaging and blood flow measurements by K. Kirk Shung & NetLibrary, Inc. (2006) 

 Diagnostic ultrasound imaging: Inside out by Thomas L. Szabo (2004) 

 Diagnostic ultrasound imaging: Inside out by Thomas L. Szabo (2014) 

 Diagnostic ultrasound: Physics and equipment by Peter Hoskins, et al. (2010) 

 Differential diagnosis in ultrasound imaging by Guenter Schmidt, et al. (2015) 

 Emergency medicine sonography: Pocket guide to sonographic anatomy and pathology by Dunstan Abraham, et al. (2010) 

 Emergency Neuroradiology edited by Tommaso Scarabino, et al. (2006) 

 The essential physics of medical imaging by Jerrold T. Bushberg (2012) 

 Essentials of abdomino-pelvic sonography: A handbook for practitioners by Swati Goyal (2018) 

 Essentials of nuclear medicine physics by Rachel A. Powsner & Edward R. Powsner (1998) 

 Essentials of nuclear medicine physics and instrumentation by Rachel A. Powsner, et al. (2013) 

 Essentials of sonography and patient care by Marveen Craig (2006) 

 EUS pathology with digital anatomy correlation textbook and atlas by Manoop S. Bhutani & John C. Deutsch (2010) 

 Fundamentals of musculoskeletal imaging by Lynn N. McKinnis (2014) 

 Imaging and imagining the fetus: The development of obstetric ultrasound by Malcolm Nicolson & John E. E. Fleming (2013)

 Imaging in SARS edited by Anil T. Ahuja and Clara G. C. Ooi (2004) 

 Manual of diagnostic ultrasound: Volume 2 edited by Harald Lutz, et al. (2013) 

 Manual of diagnostic ultrasound in infectious tropical diseases by the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (2006) 

 Manual of emergency and critical care ultrasound by Vicki E. Noble & Bret Nelson (2011) 

 Maternity & women's health care by Shannon E Perry, et al. (2007) 

 Medical imaging based on magnetic fields and ultrasounds edited by HerveĢ Fanet (2014) 

 Medical imaging essentials for physicians by Anthony B. Wolbarst, et al. (2013) 

 Moss and Adams' heart disease in infants, children, and adolescents: Including the fetus and young adult by Hugh D. Allen (2013) 

 Moss and Adams' heart disease in infants, children, and adolescents: Including the fetus and young adult by Hugh D. Allen (2016) 

 Musculoskeletal injuries and conditions: Assessment and management by Se Won Lee (2017) 

 Musculoskeletal ultrasound cross-sectional anatomy by John C. Cianca & Shounuck I. Patel (2018) 

 Noninvasive vascular diagnosis: A practical guide to therapy by Ali F. AbuRahma, et al. (2013) 

 Obstetric ultrasound: Artistry in practice by John C. Hobbins (2008) 

 Obstetric ultrasound: How, why and when by Patricia Chudleigh & Basky Thilaganathan (2004) 

 Obstetrics and gynecological ultrasound for beginners by Archana Baser, et al. (2019) 

 Pediatric imaging essentials: Radiography, ultrasound, CT, and MRI in neonates and children by Michael Riccabona & Ingmar Gassner (2014) 

 Paediatric musculoskeletal disease with an emphasis on ultrasound edited by David J. Wilson (2005) 

 Pediatric ultrasound: How, why and when by Rose de Bruyn & NetLibrary, Inc. (2005) 

 Peripheral vascular sonography by Joseph F. Polak (2004) 

 Peripheral vascular ultrasound: How, why, and when by Abigail Thrush & Timothy Hartshorne (2004) 

 Peripheral vascular ultrasound: How, why, and when by Abigail Thrush & Timothy Hartshorne (2005) 

 A practical guide to 3D ultrasound by Reem S. Abu-Rustum (2015) 

 Practical guide to emergency ultrasound by Karen S. Cosby & John L. Kendall (2014) 

 A practical guide to fetal echocardiography: normal and abnormal hearts by Alfred Abuhamad & Rabih Chaoui (2016) 

 Practical handbook of echocardiography: 101 case studies by Jingping Sun, et al. (2010) 

 Practical head and neck ultrasound by Anil T. Ahuja and Rhodri Evans (2000) 

 Practical manual of echocardiography in the urgent setting by Vladimir Fridman & Mario J. Garcia (2013) 

 Strandness's duplex scanning in vascular disorders edited by R. Eugene Zierler & David L. Dawson (2016) 

 Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary (23nd ed.) edited by Donald Venes (2017) 

 The ultimate echo guide by Carlos A. Roldan (2005) 

 Ultrasonic topographical and pathotopographical anatomy: A color atlas by Z. M. Seagal & O. V. Surnina (2016) 

 Ultrasound elastography biomedical applications and medicine edited by Ivan Z. Nenadic (2019) 

 Ultrasound in emergency care by Adam Brooks, et al. (2004) 

 Ultrasound: The requisites by Barbara S. Hertzberg and William D. Middleton (2015) 

 Vascular and endovascular surgery at a glance by Morgan McMonagle & Matthew Stephenson (2014) 

 Waldman's atlas of diagnostic ultrasound of painful foot and ankle conditions by Steven D. Waldman (2016) 

 Waldman's comprehensive atlas of diagnostic ultrasound of painful conditions by Steven D. Waldman (2016) 

 The Washington manual of echocardiography by Ravi Rasalingam (2013) 

 The Washington manual of echocardiography edited by Nishath Quader, et al. (2017) 

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