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The Other Wes Moore - Student Reader Guide: Theme 2: Personal Values

Polk State College 2016 College Read Project for Students

This guide is intended as a supplement for the reading of The Other Wes Moore. It is not intended as a replacement for reading the book. 

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Sometimes our personal values do not match those of our family or friends.

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Personal Values

Things that are very important, irreplaceable, or cherished are typically considered to be of high “value.” These valuables can be physical objects such as electronics, jewelry, cars, and homes. Loved ones such as friends, family, and pets can also be described as “valuables.” Another type of “valuable” is the more abstract and deeply held beliefs that guide individual’s lives such as honesty, loyalty, punctuality, integrity, etc. These are called “Personal Values.”

“Personal Values” is another theme that regularly emerges throughout “The Other Wes Moore” as we learn about the different Wes Moores’ lives, their decisions, and the challenges they each encounter.

Students will build their understanding of “Personal Values” and use this theme to ground their thoughts and discussions related to “The Other Wes Moore” as well as future learning opportunities and decisions.

What do you think?

Is it important to have personal values? 

Which person from “The Other Wes Moore” do you think had strong personal values? 

We learn that Wes and Nikki had a strong relationship and that they also fought as many siblings do. Why was it so important to Joy Moore to punish Wes when he hit Nikki? How did his father react? What do we learn about Joy Moore’s history that would make her react to this incident in such a way? What are your thoughts about the two parent’s reactions? Are they justifiable?

Everyone wants to be...

Wes writes about time when he exaggerated the reason he was suspended from school. In this case, Wes felt that a bloody fight was more respected than an accident that led to someone getting hurt. What does this indicate about Wes’s personal values at the time of this incident? Do you see this in examples of youth today in the media? People you know/knew? Celebrities? (Everyone Wants to Be – Ziggy Marley

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