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The Other Wes Moore - Student Reader Guide: Theme 4: Loss, Faith and Redemption

Polk State College 2016 College Read Project for Students

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We wish life had an undo button.

Faith, Loss and Redemption

“The Other Wes Moore” shares the life stories of two individuals and the various people in their lives. The two Wes Moores, along with their friends and family members, experience different “losses,” to differing degrees, throughout the book. These “losses” include the loss of a family member, the loss of youth and innocence, the loss of freedom, and the loss of time amongst others.

Similarly, both Wes Moores and the people in their lives demonstrate various forms of faith and experience redemption in very different ways. Religion, hope, trust, second chances, and forgiveness are all reoccurring examples of faith and redemption that emerge throughout the book.

What do you think?

What does it mean to have faith in something? What are things that you have faith in?

What does redemption mean? Have you ever experienced redemption?

Wes writes, “But even the worst decisions we make don’t necessarily remove us…” What does this quote mean and how does it relate to the theme of redemption?

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