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The Other Wes Moore - Student Reader Guide: Theme 3: Decision Making

Polk State College 2016 College Read Project for Students

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Bad decisions...

Decision Making

Each day, we all make a series of decisions that determine the ways in which we live our lives. These can include small decisions such as what to wear and what to eat for breakfast or involve larger daily decisions such as the decision to go to school or work or the decision to complete a project or assignments on time.

In “The Other Wes Moore,” we gain insight into to lives of several people and we learn about the different decisions they each make. Some of these decisions have positive consequences and others have negative ones. Additionally, we see examples of long and short term decision making by the different individuals portrayed in the book.

What do you think?

Name a few decisions that you have made today. Provide an example of a “short term” decision. Provide an example of a “long term” decision. What short term and long term consequences followed?

What are the decisions a person would need to make if they wanted to go to college? Polk State College? The University of Wyoming? Princeton? Spellman? Oxford? Peking University?

What is meant by the saying, “One bad decision often leads to another bad decision”? Provide an example that illustrates your response. Do you think this is always true? Can you “undo” a bad decision?

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