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Library/TLCC Resources: TLCC Tutoring

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In-Person Tutoring Schedules

Soar Into The TLCC!

Polk State College offers a wide array of tutoring services to students both on-campus and online. Our tutoring services are free for Polk State College students, and are an excellent way to reinforce skills taught in class. No matter whether you're a full time student taking classes on campus or a fully remote student getting a degree from another state, we have services available to help you soar.

Tutoring offerings subject to change.

On-Campus Tutoring

We have been working hard to expand our on-campus tutoring offerings for students in the Winter Haven, Lakeland, and JD Alexander Center TLCCs. See above for on-campus tutoring schedules.

Our on-campus tutoring sessions allow students to meet with tutors while they are on campus. Our tutors have various resources such as textbooks, models, white boards, and computers at their disposal to provide a positive tutoring experience tailored to the student's needs.

Offerings vary by campus, and include:

  • Winter Haven: Math, Writing, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, and Accounting
  • Lakeland: Math, Writing, Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, ASL, Spanish, and Computers
  • JD Alexander Center: Math, Writing

Online Tutoring

For online tutoring, students can access the various tutoring options via Canvas. The link below will allow them to enroll directly into the TLCC Online Tutoring course and begin interacting with the tutors.

Online tutoring allows students the flexibility of being able to meet with tutors without having to be physically on-campus. To fit student need, there are a number of ways students can connect with tutors. They can meet with a live tutor using Zoom conferences within Canvas to chat with a tutor, or they can opt to submit questions to forums which are monitored by tutors if they don't need an answer right away. For students seeking a writing tutor, they can submit their paper to our tutors to look over and provide feedback on and, if more help is needed, students can request a conference.

To view online tutoring availability, select a subject:

Math    English    Physics    Chemistry    Language    Anatomy and Physiology

Tutoring Options

Meet with a live tutor.

  • Students can meet with tutors live through Zoom conferences.
  • For a complete tutoring experience, students should have access to audio or video to engage with a tutor. If audio is unavailable, the chat feature can be used.

For assistance with Zoom, please see this link:

Zoom Support

Submit a paper to get feedback from a Writing Tutor.

  • Tutors will address specific student questions and provide feedback about areas of the paper that need work. Though they will not proofread the paper, and will not provide feedback on the entire paper, they will review particular sections and provide notes that students can use throughout the rest of the paper.
  • If a student would like a private conference with a tutor, they can request one in the comments and a tutor will reach out to them about scheduling one.

Click the image above or the link below to visit the submissions page (note that a student will need to be enrolled in the Canvas course to submit an assignment):

Assignment Submissions

Post a question to be answered by a tutor.

  • If a student has a question but does not need an immediate response, they can post to one of our subject-specific discussion boards.
  • Once a question is received, the next available tutor will reply. The tutors will help answer questions as well as reinforce learned concepts.
  • When posting a question, please include the name of the course the question is about so that our tutors may provide more accurate help.

Contact Information

Have any questions about tutoring? Give us a call!

Winter Haven TLCC

Phone: 863.297.1033
On-campus ext. 5033

Lakeland TLCC

Phone: 863.297.1044
On-campus ext. 5044

JD Alexander Center TLCC

Phone: 863.837.5966
On-campus ext. 4306

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