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ENC 1102 - Current Issues Research: Prof. Siler: Paper #2 - Keeping Schools Safe

Paper #2 Keeping Schools Safe

Memorial in Uvalde Texas at Robb Elementary School

Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas - June 2022

Paper Guidelines:

Write a 2 ½ - 4 page persuasive paper discussing a specific topic within the broad framework of Keeping Schools Safe. Minimum length is a 5 paragraph essay.

Preparation and Presentation of paper:

  • Rely heavily on Chapter 15.
  • The "Template for Writing an Ethical Argument" at the end of CH 15 could be very useful as you plan your essay. Exercise 15.6 also will help you plan and organize your essay.
  • Determine the position you would like to discuss. (Most of the essays in the text argued either for or against arming teachers. You may choose a position on arming teachers OR you may opt for something different.)
  • This paper should be a synthesis of your research supporting your thesis.  You will need to cite at least 2 sources within your paper.  Include proper in-text citations and a correct Works Cited page. Remember that citations to essays in our text use the last name of the author(s) of the essay in-text. The citation is prepared following the guidelines for a selection from an anthology.

Papers that do not include both parenthetical and bibliographic references to at least 2 sources will be returned to the writer for revision and assessed the standard late-penalty.

Almost done? Time for a fresh look at your paper.

Before you turn in your paper, take a moment to verify your paper meets these requirements from the grading rubric.

Does your essay:

  • Address the prompt, and thoughts are developed in an organized essay.
  • Discussion develops an arguable point, demonstrates insight, and exhibits understanding of the piece being discussed.
  • Follow MLA guidelines.
  • Ethical use of sources to provide evidence for discussion points

Consult the full rubric in Canvas for additional guidance.

Recommended Databases

Not sure which database to select to start your research? The databases below are the most likely to have information for this assignment. Not sure how to search? Check out the "Finding Articles" tabs (in red) at the top of this guide. The dropdowns illustrate how to search and gather citations in our most popular databases. 

Sign in using your Passport credentials: 

Your Student ID number & Password (default password = two-digit month and two-digit year of your birth).


Hover over the "i" to learn more about a particular database.

You might also want to try one or more of these:

Recommended Websites

These website might come in handy when starting to research your human trafficking topic. You are not limited to these websites, they are just a possible starting point.

Note: Refer to the "websites" tab in this library guide for guidance on selecting a reputable website.

Catalog and Database Search


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