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Research Paper Topics: Guide Main Page

Research Paper Topics

Domestic Violence
      How does this affect children?

      How is law enforcement handling cybercrime?

Animal Experimentation
      Is this ethical?

Forensic Science
      How does it work in criminal investigations?

Gun Control
      Does gun control keep Americans safe?

Hate Crimes
      Should hate crimes carry extra penalties?

Capital Punishment (death penalty)
      Does capital punishment deter crime?
      Is capital punishment ethical?
      Should executions be televised?
      Are current death penalty methods constitutional?

      Should juvenile offenders be imprisoned?

Mass Media
      Are American values shaped by mass media?
      Is television violence harmful to children?
      Is negative campaigning bad for the American political process?
      Do video games encourage violent behavior in children?

Information Age
      Can privacy be protected in the information age?
      Should Internet access be filtered?

Renewable Energy Sources
      Biofuels - can the earth deliver the fuel we demand?
      Wind energy - What are the benefits and limitations?
      Solar energy - What is the potential for solar energy?
      Nuclear energy - Is it safe?
      Ethanol production - Is ethanol energy efficient?

Stem Cells
      Beacons of hope or harbingers of doom?
       Stem cells, embryos and ethics - is there a way forward?

Human Cloning (genetic engineering)
      Why should cloning be allowed or not allowed?
      What about the ethics of human cloning?

Research Paper Topics

Human Trafficking
      Does immigration foster illicit trafficking?
      How are organized crime and illicit trafficking related?

      The future of terrorism - is it a threat?
      Should governments negotiate with terrorists?
      In fighting terrorism, how can civil rights of Americans be balanced?

      How widespread is the problem of gangs?
      What should be done to prevent gangs?
      Why do people join gangs?
      Is there a relationship between rap and gangs?

      What are some reasons for suicide?
      Is suicide immoral?
      How can suicide be prevented?

      Is gambling an addiction?

      Who is eligible to adopt?
      What are the procedures of adoption?

      How does divorce affect children?

      What is the controversy over partial birth abortion?
      What is the controversy over parental notification laws?
      What are the mental and physical risks of abortion?
      What about violence against abortion providers?

Obesity in Children
      What can be done to curb this trend in America?

      Does environmental politics control what we know about cancer?

      Is diabetes best described as type 1 or type 2, or are there possibly more types?

      Is there a greater risk for black women?
      What is being done to prevent HIV and AIDS?
      How do people react to those with HIV and AIDS?

      Are pharmaceuticals harming animals and the environment
     What should determine the cost of medications? 



Research Paper Topics

Affirmative Action
      Does affirmative action help American society?

      Has the "No Child Left Behind" program been successful?

      How do people become homeless?

      How do vaccines work?
      What are the public health affects of vaccine hesitancy and refusal?

Climate Change/Global Warming
      What's going on with glacier retreat and meltdown?
      What is the role of oceans in climate change?
      What are the causes of abrupt climate change?
      What is the impact of greenhouse gases?
      Does human activity clause global warming?
      Is global warming a serious problem or not?
      What are some signs and effects of global warming in relation to ecosystems?

      What are the pros and cons of using marijuana as medicine?

Food Safety
      Is America's food supply safe?

      Why do we need the FDA?

Eating Disorders
      What are the causes?
      Are girls at risk for eating disorders?

Drugs and Athletes
      Is the use of performance-enhancing drugs common?

      Do Americans have the "right to die?"
      Is euthanasia murder or merciful?

Minimum Wage
      What are the effects of minimum wage on employment?

Pollution and Marine Pollution
      Are air and water pollution serious problems?
      Are pollution regulations effective?

Gender Violence
      What causes gender violence?
      What can be done to eradicate this violence?


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